The Failing of Progressive Thinkers

“ It cannot be denied that we have among us a sect who believe that to contain whatever is perfect in human institutions; that the members of this sect have, many of them, name & offices which stand high in the estimation of our countrymen. I still rely that the great mass of our community is untainted with these heresies, as is it’s head. On this I build my hope that we have not labored in vain; and that our experiment will still prove that men can be governed by reason, “you said in your letter to Mr. Mason on February 1791 of which I would like to discuss, Mr. Jefferson. The sect you discuss I am most afraid has never disappeared although from time to time we have at the head one which is tainted by those subscribing to those heresies. We have been most fortunate your labour was not in vain, the people being attentive to the matters of freedom held to those principles, nothing less desired among the masses. Unfortunately, the attentiveness became too laborious for many, seeing slumber under peace desirable over watchfulness for freedom’s enemy. I dare say, Mr. Jefferson, a rude awakening came forth upon this new generation, yet a large sect of this generation still dizzy on a socialist dream stupor. It is the latter and no accountability for their drunkenness behavior, inflicting the country, laws, bills, mandates, and regulations far surpassing common sense. As young people these minorities, known as progressive thinkers, hippies or the like; held free speech rallies condemning the support of spreading freedom, calling any war; bad and unjust, all soldiers labeled murders. If treason was apparent, no one noticed it, nor did they find themselves accountable, giving them undeclared acceptance; therefore continued opening doors in the political arena as they matured in body but not of brain. Corruption has run rampant amongst all socialist thinkers bringing them to communism, as a good change for a country built on freedom.

I do not know should these Progressives as they choose themselves called, [ Communist, or Socialist, Marxist they are clearly recognized], see themselves as rightfully chosen in leading the country, their views and opinions may not be harmful, left alone without implementation, yet this is not so. Such Progressives find themselves, so excited, in control over the masses. Being now drunk upon not just progressive ideology but their control, has them on a full run to gain all control and lock up freedom forever from the masses. One question posed them without sensible answer, how does one run or control the masses with no desire for labour, having the masses decidedly unwilling for oppression; with no money for continuation of unworthy programmed mandates; how then does one operate a country under such circumstances? I fear they have no answer, nor want to contemplate such, the very thought of the laboring masses not willing to labour and give over all proceeds of labour does not approach their thinking. This demonstrates the stupor they dizzily rule, it is not real, nor shall it last.

While the progressives marched in rallies and ran for offices unqualified to do so, the majority educated themselves, ran businesses and labored in their professions; raising the next generation with values and principles; to this end we find the majority now well attentive to the needs of America and find your words, Mr. Jefferson, comforting and enlightening, causing them to rise up against the insanity in our government. I find comfort and feel hope in their efforts, the work is not easy but, no one denies freedom is easy to maintain. Your work shall never be considered in vain, the country has had few disruptions in peace, only finding itself in one civil war and it strengthen the values of equality. Perhaps such failure to redress many complaints against our government robs us today, the ability for moving in the direction of revolt with ease. The people agreeing by majority, the grievances presented are tyrannical and many, they fear the minority’s wrath, for what reason I do not understand. No minority as these progressives are, can in reality keep from us our freedom, but we are a kind majority, desiring restoration to freedom without bloodshed; whether this be reality or naught, I do not know. I do know, Mr. Jefferson, there remains hope in the people, and should we need a revolt to restore our freedom we shall find in every man the will to fight, and they shall never back down.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your words of encouragement, the people praise your words and hold them dear to their hearts, it makes our days enduring our grievances lesser a suffer.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian


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