The Failing of Progressive Thinkers

“ It cannot be denied that we have among us a sect who believe that to contain whatever is perfect in human institutions; that the members of this sect have, many of them, name & offices which stand high in the estimation of our countrymen. I still rely that the great mass of our community is untainted with these heresies, as is it’s head. On this I build my hope that we have not labored in vain; and that our experiment will still prove that men can be governed by reason, “you said in your letter to Mr. Mason on February 1791 of which I would like to discuss, Mr. Jefferson. The sect you discuss I am most afraid has never disappeared although from time to time we have at the head one which is tainted by those subscribing to those heresies. We have been most fortunate your labour was not in vain, the people being attentive to the matters of freedom held to those principles, nothing less desired among the masses. Unfortunately, the attentiveness became too laborious for many, seeing slumber under peace desirable over watchfulness for freedom’s enemy. I dare say, Mr. Jefferson, a rude awakening came forth upon this new generation, yet a large sect of this generation still dizzy on a socialist dream stupor. It is the latter and no accountability for their drunkenness behavior, inflicting the country, laws, bills, mandates, and regulations far surpassing common sense. As young people these minorities, known as progressive thinkers, hippies or the like; held free speech rallies condemning the support of spreading freedom, calling any war; bad and unjust, all soldiers labeled murders. If treason was apparent, no one noticed it, nor did they find themselves accountable, giving them undeclared acceptance; therefore continued opening doors in the political arena as they matured in body but not of brain. Corruption has run rampant amongst all socialist thinkers bringing them to communism, as a good change for a country built on freedom.

I do not know should these Progressives as they choose themselves called, [ Communist, or Socialist, Marxist they are clearly recognized], see themselves as rightfully chosen in leading the country, their views and opinions may not be harmful, left alone without implementation, yet this is not so. Such Progressives find themselves, so excited, in control over the masses. Being now drunk upon not just progressive ideology but their control, has them on a full run to gain all control and lock up freedom forever from the masses. One question posed them without sensible answer, how does one run or control the masses with no desire for labour, having the masses decidedly unwilling for oppression; with no money for continuation of unworthy programmed mandates; how then does one operate a country under such circumstances? I fear they have no answer, nor want to contemplate such, the very thought of the laboring masses not willing to labour and give over all proceeds of labour does not approach their thinking. This demonstrates the stupor they dizzily rule, it is not real, nor shall it last.

While the progressives marched in rallies and ran for offices unqualified to do so, the majority educated themselves, ran businesses and labored in their professions; raising the next generation with values and principles; to this end we find the majority now well attentive to the needs of America and find your words, Mr. Jefferson, comforting and enlightening, causing them to rise up against the insanity in our government. I find comfort and feel hope in their efforts, the work is not easy but, no one denies freedom is easy to maintain. Your work shall never be considered in vain, the country has had few disruptions in peace, only finding itself in one civil war and it strengthen the values of equality. Perhaps such failure to redress many complaints against our government robs us today, the ability for moving in the direction of revolt with ease. The people agreeing by majority, the grievances presented are tyrannical and many, they fear the minority’s wrath, for what reason I do not understand. No minority as these progressives are, can in reality keep from us our freedom, but we are a kind majority, desiring restoration to freedom without bloodshed; whether this be reality or naught, I do not know. I do know, Mr. Jefferson, there remains hope in the people, and should we need a revolt to restore our freedom we shall find in every man the will to fight, and they shall never back down.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your words of encouragement, the people praise your words and hold them dear to their hearts, it makes our days enduring our grievances lesser a suffer.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian


Government control on our words

Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities and accountability however  there needs be no revision of language construction or word ology changes purposely done so in order to keep citizens in an infant swaddling blanket. Citizens need understand, be hardened to life without crying out discrimination or inappropriateness. Shall we never use another analogy for fear inappropriate language when in fact the analogy correctly describes the situation?

Where has the country gone, so far to the left, I fear it shall topple over in the weight of regulations and mandates. The Constitution called out as old, too old to rule our citizens, in need of change for the times we are in.

I read the words of the Declaration of Independence, a feeling of understanding for the grievances early citizens felt a need to address through revolution. Such an undertaking and sacrifice; these men never wanted for future men to endure such hardships, a Constitution written with stress upon their minds, financial devastation overcoming them; yet our future at their hearts, freedom for all consuming their desires in writing a document to withstand time. The words ring true today, for those with freedom in their hearts; old words they are, but their meaning remains fresh.

Only opposition to freedom, fears the words of the Constitution, each word, phrase, gives reason to freedoms rights. These rights are the target by which the leftists opposing freedom. set their minds in destroying. Citizens need see, be exposed on all accounts the cloud of oppression moving in over our freedoms, use their rights, still intact, for suppressing and wiping out oppression.

Citizens need find through restoration of America, common sense lost for years, whereby swaddling cloths shall fall away and citizens stand once again as strong. No more will there be blame put upon the words, accountability for ones own actions and reactions take priority. Extraneous regulations and mandates needed no longer when each judged according to their actions; the pursuit of happiness once again placed within our sites, allowing unworthy entitlements no reason for being. A country where dreams pursue and find happiness; men help others out of heart and not mandate, and a man’s word has meaning.

Yours In Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Keep the Blame on the Guilty

There is a human instinct being unfortunate to admit; constantly practiced within the liberal, progressive democrats arena. If any event occurs whether it be obvious or naught, the blame must be directly immediately away from oneself [as an individual or group or party] and turned about to the opposite self {individual, group or party], a deflection mode is permanently engaged, no event passes their radar without being analyzed. Should the event prove to be worthy to the cause of the leftist movement, it is donated to the cause, regardless of who or what is sacrificed, anyone or thing is a fair donation. The liberals have taken a rather benign human instinct of denying guilt to survive or circumvent punishment or exposure, mostly seen within our youth, to a level that may only be attributed to an invention of the liberals or could it be they have never really matured?

The liberal guilt deflection mode is used extensively as of late and directed towards the new freedom movement. No event, whether guilt of any doing could arise, receives a directive of guilt of some wrong doing or thinking. Such behavior is obvious to the majority yet the liberal minority seems oblivious and continues their tactics. On many an occasion the obvious guilt directly points to the leftists yet even on such an occasions, the deflection mode bounces off the guilt to direct it at the conservatives, railing a, the conservatives made us do it, statement. How do the conservatives win, or do they have a chance of winning this? Look beyond the guilt directives, they are merely hiding themselves from the truth, liberals do not like being exposed, as mice do not expose themselves, rather they hide in small crevices only to run out grab what they desire and hide again; such are the leftists.

A great and tragic event occurred in recent days, a shooting of many and wounding of many more[ one being Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords]   in Arizona by a man, clearly of the left who’s mind snapped into a self terrorist mode, for the good of the socialist, communist  movement, which he aligned himself with. We mourn the loss of the souls that passed, pray for the wounded for recovery by God’s hand, yet the leftists are busy while we mourn and pray to discover the best way to deflect the guilt and promote their movement, complete the American takeover. Did you expect a reprieve during a crisis or attack on their own? Dare I remind patriots, the enemy never sleeps. The liberals [leftists, socialists, progressives, democrats] are the enemy within, no longer are they the other party but they are against freedom, our country represents freedom, we are a free people, any group or individual against freedom, who tries to destroy freedom is tyrannous.  We must understand their intent, confront it, therefore, expect guilt directives used  purposely to weaken us; use your true principles of freedom as a shield, nothing penetrates ideals of our creator.

I say, these coming days and weeks shall be seen as a time for speculation on how to handle the conservative freedom movement. Tea party people will receive heavy guilt directives, Sarah Palin and  second amendment supporters [ gun support] will also need to shield themselves.  A rather good campaign analogy used by the Sarah Palin force used the symbol of a commonly seen and known image of cross –hairs to show the areas within the country to target their campaign efforts. The areas within the cross- hairs would be targeted for conservatives to center their efforts on.  A good strategy but the leftist declare, the use of the symbol of cross-hairs are directing people to commit murder upon the democrats in that particular area under the cross-hairs. It is irrational, immature behavior used solely to turn a tragedy into a political hay day. We cannot according to the leftists use the words, cross- hairs without someone thinking – grab a gun, or use the word target without someone thinking – grab a gun; where do we stop with this nonsense? Shall we also mandate the words to be excluded from our thoughts or use? Shall we demand the mega store, Target, to change its name, certainly its target logo, so as not to confuse customers into thinking it is a huge gun store or worse yet to put into the minds of customers guns are good, go shoot someone. It is a completely insane thought process used purposely for the advancement of the leftist agenda.

Keep the guilt fixed upon the guilty. Use your shield against any directive shot your way. Intolerant behavior whether it be terrorists or freedom slayers, is abhorrent and shall not be tolerated by the moral majority. It is time, my patriots, it is time, pick up your freedom shields, allowing guilt accusations be ricocheted.

Yours In Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

The Office of the Presidency is Vacant

Dear Patriots,

I feel it necessary to declare the Office of the Presidency vacant, there is no President.   How can it be that America has allowed the Office the President to remain vacant? Clearly I know within the Constitution there was every provision made, and such needs were so written by the good words of Thomas Jefferson within the Declaration of Independence. Clearly each document intended for the citizens to remain attentive, thereby putting into motion each check and balance set forth; but I see this not being exercised. You wonder, there was an election, a man was put into this position so why would I speak of emptiness; quite simply to be elect does not fill the position unless certain criteria is fully met.

The President of the these United States must clearly be a man who shares the principles as our Founding Fathers and know that above all things liberty be the corner stone of our foundation, our creator the guide and each stone of the foundation a right of each the citizen. Such a man shall be chosen by the people and the people shall have full disclosure of the man; enabling the people a fair assessment of his abilities and qualifications. Any such violation shall deem a man unqualified; why would a man not disclose to those he choses to serve, if not for reason of corruption? Any man so desiring to serve the citizens of the United States shall understand and know the Constitution, he must behold the document as the supreme law, that no man, not even he, can disrupt its contents or cause its destruction. No man is above the supreme law, each of us abide by it, knowing it is what preserves our freedom for all time.

Accordingly the President shall have limited powers and understand this, he is not a ruler or despotic leader, he is a man of the people, elected by the people [to uphold the Constitution] as it clearly states. He serves the citizens only and never rules.  He shall watch over the Congress and guide them in their duties, understanding the rights of the states is supreme amongst all laws, giving the people choices regarding the governing of all.  I see no limitation upon the man who resides within the White House presently, he is a man of great ego and is weak of humility. He has pronounced himself the great leader, torn at the Constitution, given it no supreme status, dictating his own laws with no regard for the people, their rights, liberties or freedom.

We have seen, witnessed the Trojan horse entering our country, the true agendas and characters hidden from the people, how then could they elect fairly? My dear patriots, I am saddened to see this event unfold, the election a scam upon the people, and they so desire their freedom, trying with great effort to bring about a change, restoration of what was. It cannot be restored until the Office of the President is filled, a man so dedicated to the people needs come forward, stand up, take up the cause with the people, guide them through what is mandated within the Declaration of Independence, remove and replace that which is corrupt, bringing the country back to its rightful, free foundation. Until then, we have no true President, that which is in the White House, does not act like a President, does qualify and therefore is not as such, President, The Office remains vacant.

Tolerating the Intolerable must end

It is mandated by some administrator, given his position not of the people,but by another of the liberal senses, if I may call them senses; that we hereby tolerate all forms of behavior, causing no negative action. A feel good law, whereas no one can cause another to feel bad about themselves whether they be intolerable in nature or intently disagreeable.

By nature we abhor all things intolerable, such things that are disgusting or despicable give us reason to announce it  and then denounce the particular behavior. As children we learned by parents example to be kind, considerate of others and display ourselves in a fashion acceptable by society. What has happened to our society where we now accept all that is unacceptable so as not to cause a disciplinary action?

In this very good season of jolly wishes and good joy to all, we experience the change in our society greatly. We see no evidence of fairness in toleration of each other as nature would so allow but only evidence of those afraid to feel anymore, afraid such feelings so natural would bring upon them the wrath of the law. How can it than be considered a season of joy when so many are going about their festivities carefully so as not to offend another yet it is those they are afraid to offend which blatantly spout what they feel with no fear of reprisal? What we feel is offensive and dealt with under law, yet what we feel is natural as we choose not to tolerate the intolerable behavior, yet the ill behaved may spout off whatever they feel without consideration of being offensive, it is their right, as they point out. I beg differ, what right has a man being intolerably offensive in his words and behavior, given full reign on society, yet a man of great principles seeing such behavior and pointing such out, shall be considered the one of evil doings? This my friends is the true exposure of corruption from within, such shall be expelled so great men can once again take their rightful seats in Congress and the Presidency.  .

Restoration of freedom from transformation of oppression

Dearest friend,

The grievances by which you and others found intolerable against the British King and rule was much for young colonies yet I dare say this present rule has me concerned for the country’s freedom. We have grievances of lasting injury to our rights so established under the Constitution, we should not wonder how such injuries were allowed. But, indeed they have and for a long period has such a group wanting of a transformation of freedom to oppression taken place. Grievances are piling, escalating in fact, upon each citizen after the election of the present President.

How prudent can we be? We have tried carefully to use the methods put forth for us in the Constitution, as declared in our very Declaration of Independence but to no avail. Liberties, rights, all ignored, our redress of such grievances; all ignored also. Citizens are flinging their arms up in desperation, what more can they do but to wait from election to election in hopes of better legislators, new men to change and undo what has been done. Dare I even tell you of my fear? Such prudent moves are useless and we are doomed should we continue these gentle tactics.

Mr. Jefferson, do you agree that we are within a time, not transient but necessary, for forced restoration of freedom from transformation of oppression? The transformation has given citizens time to settle into a slumber of promised peace with programs filled with unearned money and services; they are drunk upon these and now they slumber. We have tried to awaken the citizens finding many outraged we should call such handouts, tyrannical gifts, calling us war mongers, conspiracy inciters. With open eyes we see, clearly the country is falling, allowing its fall shall bring death, and imprisonment to those opposing it, yet fighting it brings risk of death  or imprisonment also, the latter is but a risk the former a fact; I shall choose the fight.

We know the tyrannical rule now shall only give their tyrannical gifts until the transformation is complete, then the citizens shall know oppression, the lack of benefits will quickly be seen, then I fear citizens shall turn upon the rule as well as us. The rule shall receive the wrath of citizens, demanding their addicted benefits, yet we shall receive equal wrath demanding why we with open eyes did nothing, allowing the fall. Ah, the fear of such wrath is worse than the fight against this tyrant we face. Shall then agree we are at the time of forced restoration?

I find most comforted to expose my thoughts to you by letter, I do hope they are received without causing you to lose a peaceful rest. You sacrificed greatly and too much so to allow it all to go in vain therefore I do implore you to send your prayers henceforth expeditiously.

A Jeffersonian

Fear Not Retribution

“Our people merely for want of intelligence which they may rely on are become lethargick and insensible of the state they are in. “ TH. Jefferson 1777 letter to John Adams Williamsburgh

My dear friend in Liberty,

Reading your letter to Mr. Williamsburgh I sense the frustration and desperation felt within your heart and mind.  You did move properly and well, having the Revolution won and the people free. The people find no reassurance in what they do not know or understand but rather endure injuries to liberty then to forge towards revolt of such. It is as you and your fellow patriots discovered, the job of a few with visions of a fine future to endure the labor of revolt for the good of all that fear to assist with it.

We are in this present time arriving to such a point, repeating history, and I do not for the life of me understand why one would trade freedom for oppression; however this is the case. Do citizens willingly hand over freedoms or do they just slumber away under peace until suddenly being awakened to a tax collector banging upon their door for more money, finding then they have no more money to give and revolt against. This dear, Mr. Jefferson, is as I see it, and feel this is the case as it is. The citizens were quite happily slumbering feeling safe under peace and freedom, only to rely upon others to watch the doors, with no over seeing; the wolves of corruption ventured in. lingered and took over. Now they fear retribution should they revolt.

Citizens want to know the truth now they are awaken and I fear they will no not where to turn for the truth as they do not recognize all the wolves and information created under falsehoods may appear as truth to blindside many. I am so frustrated, but I rely on your intelligence and guidance to energize my mission. Fear is a great emotion that can at times provide citizens to an insensibility state, I take an understanding of this, giving them careful guidance in hope they learn quickly to recognize the truth. The light of freedom is bright, citizens shall, in my hope, find this light as a beacon, going to it, away from the tyrannical present state of affairs in Government.

Please as you will, send your well wishes for our just mission to restore these now United States now being 50, such wishes are much needed.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian