Have we crossed the line?

Is it disrespectful when citizens demonstrate a clear dislike for their President? I am poised with this question, to answer it in the face of many citizens opposing the man which holds this position. My desire is for such a position be filled with a worthy man and a patriot but find this in the present man, there is little doubt he not. Forcing citizens to accept a man of any character solely for the fact he holds the office of Presidency goes against  principles of good patriotism.

We must separate the office of Presidency with the man that holds the position, he does not change coming into office, he is of the same character and should his character be flawed, it is the man that is flawed, not the Office of President. I dare say, you can constructively demonstrate your dislike for a man’s character and actions without disrespecting the position. It is our right to ask for redress of grievances and holds no disrespect.

To hear within the ranks of some citizens we have no right to disagree with the President as it is a form of disrespect, I am greatly concerned for our freedom of speech, redress and right of assembly; all are necessary for our liberties. Should one tell citizens we are unable to disagree with such President, we have clearly crossed the line from a free republic to oppressed despotism. 


Mr. Jefferson, resistance is alive..

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.” Th. Jefferson

Upon these words, Mr. Jefferson, the spirit of resistance has from time to time arisen within the souls  of citizens, keeping such resistance alive. It is the points in history when citizens felt resistance too harsh or too laborious to contend with that we have developed ourselves a despotic government.

Citizens have revived resistance against the government as a great form by which we may restore what we have found taken due to un – attentiveness. Perhaps should former generations not found attentiveness as being too laborious the occasion of resistance today would not be decided.

I pose the question of how resistance can successfully and constructively transform into the restoration of government to its foundation? I say, sir, the citizens are indeed filled to their capacity of taxation and mandates, making it quite impossible for them to live in freedom or enjoy any liberties. May I tell you, freedoms and liberties have been whittled away from the people,so boldly that some legislators have gone so far as to call the Constitution a document too old, too outdated or not worthy of upholding. Do you not see the situation here?

The spirit of resistance whether it has slept quietly for years or ignored for reasons of complacency, is quite alive today. It is from resistance to restoration that we must not just consider but exercise.

I bid you well, my friend, should I wish you rest in peace, I know that you shall not for your I know your spirit stirs un-restful and there is thanks given to you for such consideration.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian.

Is The Memory Dead–What happened to Pearl Harbor

My dear friend, Mr. Jefferson,

Yesterday, the anniversary of a tragic event, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which rapidly threw us into World War II; was met by the media in total silence. I dare say, many saw this day slip by with no thought.  President Roosevelt said of this day,” December 7th will live in infamy…:yet, my friend, it has died.

Soon, I fear, July 4th will not be remembered or any other day that stands for our fight for freedom. How can a people become so consumed by their own wants and desires, never realizing it all comes with a price. Someone paid the bill for their freedom, their ability to be complacent. And I shall even be so bold to say, those taking free benefits, do not yet realize such ‘free’ benefits have a price, paid by other patriots. It all greatly saddens me, I find myself agonizing over the perceptive lack of reality and what proactive approach needs taken.

Stand tall, proud and strong, surely this is the stature taken by all patriots whether they be soldiers or citizens. The bombing of Pearl Harbor, an attack upon a free people, dedicated to keeping all people free, brought us to the forefront of the war. The souls buried in the Arizona are a constant reminder of this tragedy yet, one day given to remember slips by, not one word by our President. How tall does he stand, how proud is he that bows his head to our enemy?

What we heard on Pearl Harbor day, my friend, shall give you cause to stir within your grave. Our President with anger announces that those who denounce, resist his taxations and oppressive bills are terrorists holding the people hostage. How can one be held hostage from taxes and oppression? What people desire taxes and oppression? I do not know a free man who gladly gives such up for taxes, and oppression that follows.  Our President calls us terrorists, while he is setting up his despotic administration beyond a thin veil.  Turn over in your grave, but forget us not in your continued prayers for us.

Mr. Jefferson, you often feared our demise, but you need to know we share the same zest for freedom as you and that, my friend is what will keep this republic, free. As you may remember your words:

"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it?……
Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom?

Well, my friend, yes you did produce a fine republic and yes we shall keep it in spite of those complacent on enjoying the fruits of plenty, given to them by products of freedom.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

This he said Regarding Despotism and Liberty

“….we are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a feather-bed.: Th. Jefferson 1790 to Lafayette

As we struggle against the bands of despotism which tries to bind us and keep us from our freedom, we must be mindful such struggle shall not come easy.  Our government has skillfully over such a period of time, sifted from the Constitution rights and liberties, behind the backs of Americans, too busy with life to notice. It is quite sad such was able to be accomplished, however the wise and attentive patriots at this time are ready and most able to restore that document to its rightful position of the supreme law.

Those standing as rulers rather than representatives of the people need removal, though I see it being difficult yet not impossible. No ruler shall find himself [herself] at home in America, such are alien in a democratic republic. Our legislators are but representatives of the people, and being such do not rule us but govern based on the people’s will and shall owe their allegiance to that of the people.  Those in power now gave up such allegiance, giving way egomania.

When power consumes oneself they must not be allowed further control and such is what we are experiencing. It becomes necessary at this time to begin our course of restoration whether such be difficult or create a season of forced reform. We either shall keep steering towards complete despotic control or we rip the bands being bound around us.

Liberty is our only choice, we cannot give up freedom once tasted, it must be restored. The people will come along with patriots because they go with whatever will make them happy. Oppression surely does not make a happy people, lack of freedom promotes despair therefore I see no other road other than that of liberty to travel.

Struggle as we will, we know the road from despotism to liberty shall be not an easy one but it is the right one. None can expect we shall just transfer from a government governing the people, to a government governed by the people, with ease as flipping a book page. So, dear patriots, make ready for a struggle.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Where is God in America?

My Fellow Patriots,

I am greatly saddened, seeing the course this republic has taken regarding the expression of religion. The Government, against the Supreme Law {Constitution], has taken a liberal and atheist approach, removing God from America. I see citizens side stepping, allowing the Government, upon the desires of atheist liberal men [and women] to remove God from America.

Do the people not desire freedom? For what have men given their lives for, but not for freedom.  How weak are Americans in the spirit of God? Or shall I believe the desires of the few, be so powerful, Americans lay down their bibles? What weak faith.

Dear people, the Constitution gave you rights of worship without Government interference. No government shall tell you how to worship or by that matter, tell you, no demand; that you NOT worship. This people, is a great misfortune for America.

Christmas brings celebrations of great humor and joyous sounds of love and peace, but I seen none of this. Hanukkah should be of joy and peace, with flickering of lit candles in windows, but again I see none. Why do you people hide what brings you peace in your heart?

America founded on faith so strong, lives given for God, so others live in freedom of worship expression, without Government interference.  America, born with trust in God, thriving on words of God; hangs today on a thread of hope. Did such men sacrifice for naught? Without freedom, without God; America shall wane. A country void of God finds its people lacking in will.

God and faith sheds a ray of hope and love upon the country’s people, with no God, you have darkness. The country withers. The light is dimming in America, I implore you, stand up for her and God, Express yourselves, secured for all humanity by sacrifices; the First Amendment still stands as law. The Government is to refrain from interfering and applying political views and demands upon the people’s religious expression.

To this end, no government shall tell you how NOT to express yourself.  Be wise in your expression, ever giving thought for another’s right and never be intolerant, remembering we share the same creator. Our expressions may vary or differ yet we remain alike in our love of country and God. Let this candle of love and hope burn forever bright in the hearts of all Americans. I pass along to all my fellow patriots hope and love for your Hanukkah and Christmas; share, each of you, in the joys of such faith.

May God keep this country’s candle burning bright.

In Liberty to All,

A Jeffersonian Patriot

Plantation Politics

Dear patriots,

With grave misgivings, the support of slavery beginning with benevolent aspects, hoping to give the people a better future from where they came; did indeed escalate to the commerce the buying and selling of people. While assumed people of ignorance, it is the ignorance of our culture, to take free people and enslave them into our free nation. Should we have so thought our culture to be superior to theirs? My thought of course is our founders did so as a method to bring these people to a better land, something better than savagery, however not expecting beyond such to develop into one of commerce.

The intention of many, as in the case of Jefferson, was that of teaching skills and trades, giving these people a method of self –sufficiency. To this end, numerous were freed when it became safe to allow them to leave. One must understand the times, knowing well the dangers of freed slaves, vulnerable being not socially wise; dare I admit being saved upon a plantation, a better life for slaves.

Freedom comes in forms, yet to keep one oppressed beyond the comfort of safe living, is by any standard under our creator, bad. Let a man think and work in free, protect only as he wants protection. Allow a man his beliefs, letting him express such as he chooses and do not impose upon a man your beliefs thinking your belief is of a higher form. Our creator allows all men to believe as he desires, understanding his roots in the universe and sharing the greatest virtue, love. It is from these beliefs, our sharing of love and peace, which brings us to this nation. No such person absent in their being such virtues need be here, not as I or we are better but it is against our foundations building blocks and cannot exist within a republic of freedom and liberty, the two cannot coexist.

Now in this thought, I need ask why such people who live against our principles are allow to continue their practices without redress. The wise and noble friend and patriot to freedom, Thomas Jefferson aptly wrote: “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.” Do we ascribe to slavery of a people for profit or do we ascribe solely to ‘all men are created equal’ and should by this, be free?

Ask by what means men are in slavery in this nation? A simple question with an answer complex in thought, philosophically universal, describes America today, whether agreed by the people or naught. The vulnerability of the slaves upon their immediate freedom in the 19th century, brought to its end, plantation slavery, the commerce of slaves for such bought labor, however, by regard did anyone cautiously free these slaves? The war’s end put upon the nation a new mass of people, skilled in laborious trades but lacking in most social skills. Greed and corruption found these vulnerable socially unwise people easy targets for exploitation. Such entities imposing their greed and corruption upon these people posed as benevolent individuals and entities, entrusting the freed slaves, causing them to trust, never realizing they only traded one master for another.

Friends, you either do not realize this fact or deny it, the biggest corrupt entity is the democratic party. For their own means of support, they have traded men like cattle for decades, ah, centuries and yet the good patriots have allowed its existence. How do we call men free, and allow the same Democratic Party to expound on the rights of oppressed people, so far as to rally people for civil rights. The people understood civil rights yet again another event posed as good, only to convince them to be further enslaved. Do not believe in their false benevolent acts, they seek only to enslave, trading votes for programs. The enslaved shall never be free, until such commerce [of people] stopped.

Every man needs to know and understand they are free, opportunities abound, prosperity is but a dream away, yet thousands, dare I say, millions are enslaved. The enslaved given services and money in exchange for servitude to the Democratic Party provides false hope, false kindness, with no benevolent expression. Dear friends, this party is enslaving us also, for they have us working out our dreams only to take it away in taxes, giving our money to the enslaved, trading our labor for the votes of the enslaved. This must stop, there needs to be a redress of such grievances, exposure of modern slavery.

Slavery has become commonplace, a means by which one party can and does commit a crime against the citizens with no recourse or punishment. It is deliberate in nature, causing generations to be impoverished and under achieve. By law and common patriot decency, you cannot keep a man enslaved, yet these poor souls do not know freedom; show them real freedom, and give them freedom. Educate the masses, expose the common practice of slavery, give light onto the atrocities of modern slavery; do this wise in thought for freedom of all men.

He spoke these words…..

“if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” Thomas Jefferson

Dear Mr. Jefferson,

It is decades, ah, centuries since your words passed your lips, flowed from your pen and yet they spoke of the truths to be. You dared speak the truth, for this we received freedom, your words ring today in every patriots heart, On walls across America your words are hung, reminding us of what you and your fellow patriots sacrificed to give for future generations.

Today we stand in your honor, holding your words close to our patriotic hearts, giving thought how past words can keep this republic alive. Having been given independence a treasure beheld only to those worth of keeping it, we grasp it, hold it tight; we are the generation which is worthy and will restore this shining city. Be patient in your spirit, we are but men, as you, so inspired by principles held within your soul, that we may rise to this occasion and accomplish our task.

The government gained the confidence of the people, giving them rewards for obedience at the voting booths, corruption ensued furthering their cause. One generation slide under the door to another debts held by the last, each eventually assuming it their duty to take on such debt. Sadly the Constitution was pulled from end to end, deforming it until, dare say I it was abhorring seeing it in such condition. What American could recognize it, unless having once seen it in fine condition, I too would not know it, nor you Mr. Jefferson, but those that knew it, like I, are in a great position to restore it. We see the corruption from which the government uses to control the people; giving them rewards, telling them it is for them, to care for them in a kindly manner; while they are stealing in the name of taxation [without representation], to pay for these rewards. How the people cannot see the scoundrels taking their money, changing hands and giving it to those who are not worthy, with words of kindness flowing through their lying lips? Men cannot work a days labor and receive payment enough, taxes eat into a man’s pocket leaving little for bread. Many may be blind or deaf to the corruption but we are on our watch, the government hears not our demand for redress but chooses to ignore us.

Our recourse is simple in thought yet as you have left us in your words, the theory complex yet in dire need of doing. We are ready at hand, we ask for your support, give us what is needed. Your words taken to heart and mind, shall carry us through our second journey to re- Independence.

Your honorable patriot friend,

A Jeffersonian