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A Recollection of Liberty

“I should, indeed, with peculiar delight, have met and exchanged there congratulations personally with the small band, the remnant of that host of worthies, who joined with us on that day, in the bold and doubtful election we were to make for our country, between submission or the sword; and to have enjoyed with them the consolatory fact, that our fellow citizens, after half a century of experience and prosperity, continue to approve the choice we made. May it be to the world, what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all,) the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government. That form which we have substituted, restores the free right to the unbounded exercise of reason and freedom of opinion. All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God. These are grounds of hope for others. For ourselves, let the annual return of this day forever refresh our recollections of these rights, and an undiminished devotion to them.” Th Jefferson in his last letter June 24, 1826, to Rodger Weightman

Mr. Jefferson, I see even upon the approaching year marking a half century from the day of the greatest accomplishment upon this land, you had the highest hopes and dreams for the still fledgling nation. The breaking out of bondage, denouncing oppression; all you knew too well, and knew our creator gave us an ability far beyond just living under daily strive and slavish abuse.  Who gave to another man the right to control another, where did he get the license to do so; we know it not be true, and you dear sir dared to stand with your fellow delegates, declared independence, put your name below the very words you wrote. Give the King his notice, tell the world no longer would the British American colonies live under oppression, but would break from it, with a sword against their temples, colonists took to the fields of battle, and won.

I dare say, sir, no time in history since, have men united for a greater cause; we share your joy and honor given for your sacrifice. The approaching celebration, surely your recollections be golden, a time to ponder the part of life you left to America, giving it willingly to citizens when perhaps your enjoyment of life at Monticello be more appealing. Surely the years spent from it and your family took its toll upon you, but if you suffered America did not hear you; only the words you penned has survived and we do know the countless sacrifices made. But honored we are of what you gave, each fourth, every firework, flag and song, goes to your honor and to the other brave wise men you called your fellow countrymen. 

So here we shall be approaching the fourth of 2011, we must take this year for more than reflection, but we must hereby take a stand as great as yours with fear in our hearts. At long last, our nation has stumbled, men faltered and evil corruption slipped in; for a few generations, corruption has grown, our government no longer of the people but of the government and we shake in our shoes in fear of oppression. This day approaches and many wise men know full well there is no choice, we learned well our lessons of 1776, do not take revolution lightly but do so with facts of grievances firmly in your grip, walk steady and with conviction with your principles; and dear sir we have, no other choice but oppression faces us. To this day, our minds be made, the ink dried words, affirming our ReDeclaration of Independence. Please bless our work ahead, if I may ask of your permission, kindly watch over us as we save Liberty for another nine generations hence.

Yours In Liberty


Re-Declaration of Independence

In Resolve with the Citizens of the United States of America, we citizens do united and express our grievances for redress; having done so and received no response but be ignored repeatedly do solemnly and humbly re-Declare our Independence. The people of these United States are and ought to be and remain in liberty with freedoms for all.

No man or group of men has a right to withhold liberty from the people, so given their liberty by birth under their creator. We have tried for redress yet each grievance received upon deaf ears. The time now has come where citizens unite for the common purpose of one mission, the restoration of America, to put back upon its rightful foundation this free nation.

It has been said, a free people shall remain free when they are so educated upon the issues pressing them towards despotism; we are so educated and thereby exercising our rights as a free people to remain free. Citizens of this nation, being so free and living in liberty, has supported all people in other lands the opportunity for freedom. The blood of our citizens being spilled on foreign soil for the sole purpose of spreading freedom, we offer only support and ask nothing but friendship in good faith. Our mission from our beginning being one of peace, joy and prosperity for all, it is our unalienable rights, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, who could argue or debate such rights; only one with a mind of despotic rule could do so.

Why do we demand re-declaration of independence today, opposed to any other time in history? While it is proven, grievances have occurred in great quantity over the past 50 or more years, to our knowledge or experience; yet it is today, that such grievances have so accumulated, whereas the very fabric of liberty securing this nation; is torn by the grievances, enabling the corrupt officials full access to our rights and liberties; stealing them away like thieves in the night. We can no longer allow the destruction of our nation of liberty, doing so, allows this nation become a nation of oppression under despotic rule, where no man shall have rights but only be allowed certain life actions according the rule. We, the citizens of these United States are free and remain firm we will not allow such to change.

Americans have no sides to choose, they stand for upholding, and defending the Constitution or we are not Americans as our Founding Fathers so defined us. Many feel our Constitution is old, needs revising, updating for our times; what is our times; but a time of great change not for the better but for the worse, with rights and liberties disappearing, where men need comply with mandates and laws, unconstitutional but enforced and forced upon citizens, too afraid to stand against the enforcers. Most enforcers do not know their supreme law and rely upon the corrupt wolves for guidance, further spreading corruption. The citizens no longer will stand for the constitutionally ignorant to rule them; redress and dissolution of a corrupt government is rightfully requested.

It has been said, by our Founding Father and author of our Declaration of Independence who’s intellect is unmatched by any man today; “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall take from the mouth of labor any bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” Th. Jefferson

No government ought be so large as to consume all laborious earnings from its people, leaving them no bread earnings for which to pursue their happiness. This is the case with our government today, and we have so allowed it, being more content to lie upon the soft bed of complacency of peace rather than be attentive and resist the coming despotic rule. Liberty is not easy to maintain yet we discover it far better attend to our liberties refreshing from time to time our government, than to allow the wolves to tend our governing, causing citizens the labor of restoring Liberty.

Shall we agree we have lost to despotism, much of our Liberty and thus need unite for its restoration? The state of no Liberty is the sign tyranny has won; I find it hard for citizens who lived under Liberty, raising the white flag of surrender. Americans only know freedom, they thrive on it; being so absorbed in it, they do not see it seeping away a drop at a time under the guise of tolerant progressive ideology.

Debate upon what has brought us to this point, but the point where America has come, must be resolved. America is in dire need of restoration. There is no other method of restoration but a complete cleansing of our government, to put into place, a smaller, fiscally responsible government based upon the foundation and law of the land – the Constitution. We mean nothing more than, for America be set back upon its foundation, allowing governing of the people and by the people be accomplished.

Beckon hitherto and sign this important document, the revised, ever spirited re-Declaration of Independence., on public viewing, available to sign. thomas_jefferson 2

The Failing of Progressive Thinkers

“ It cannot be denied that we have among us a sect who believe that to contain whatever is perfect in human institutions; that the members of this sect have, many of them, name & offices which stand high in the estimation of our countrymen. I still rely that the great mass of our community is untainted with these heresies, as is it’s head. On this I build my hope that we have not labored in vain; and that our experiment will still prove that men can be governed by reason, “you said in your letter to Mr. Mason on February 1791 of which I would like to discuss, Mr. Jefferson. The sect you discuss I am most afraid has never disappeared although from time to time we have at the head one which is tainted by those subscribing to those heresies. We have been most fortunate your labour was not in vain, the people being attentive to the matters of freedom held to those principles, nothing less desired among the masses. Unfortunately, the attentiveness became too laborious for many, seeing slumber under peace desirable over watchfulness for freedom’s enemy. I dare say, Mr. Jefferson, a rude awakening came forth upon this new generation, yet a large sect of this generation still dizzy on a socialist dream stupor. It is the latter and no accountability for their drunkenness behavior, inflicting the country, laws, bills, mandates, and regulations far surpassing common sense. As young people these minorities, known as progressive thinkers, hippies or the like; held free speech rallies condemning the support of spreading freedom, calling any war; bad and unjust, all soldiers labeled murders. If treason was apparent, no one noticed it, nor did they find themselves accountable, giving them undeclared acceptance; therefore continued opening doors in the political arena as they matured in body but not of brain. Corruption has run rampant amongst all socialist thinkers bringing them to communism, as a good change for a country built on freedom.

I do not know should these Progressives as they choose themselves called, [ Communist, or Socialist, Marxist they are clearly recognized], see themselves as rightfully chosen in leading the country, their views and opinions may not be harmful, left alone without implementation, yet this is not so. Such Progressives find themselves, so excited, in control over the masses. Being now drunk upon not just progressive ideology but their control, has them on a full run to gain all control and lock up freedom forever from the masses. One question posed them without sensible answer, how does one run or control the masses with no desire for labour, having the masses decidedly unwilling for oppression; with no money for continuation of unworthy programmed mandates; how then does one operate a country under such circumstances? I fear they have no answer, nor want to contemplate such, the very thought of the laboring masses not willing to labour and give over all proceeds of labour does not approach their thinking. This demonstrates the stupor they dizzily rule, it is not real, nor shall it last.

While the progressives marched in rallies and ran for offices unqualified to do so, the majority educated themselves, ran businesses and labored in their professions; raising the next generation with values and principles; to this end we find the majority now well attentive to the needs of America and find your words, Mr. Jefferson, comforting and enlightening, causing them to rise up against the insanity in our government. I find comfort and feel hope in their efforts, the work is not easy but, no one denies freedom is easy to maintain. Your work shall never be considered in vain, the country has had few disruptions in peace, only finding itself in one civil war and it strengthen the values of equality. Perhaps such failure to redress many complaints against our government robs us today, the ability for moving in the direction of revolt with ease. The people agreeing by majority, the grievances presented are tyrannical and many, they fear the minority’s wrath, for what reason I do not understand. No minority as these progressives are, can in reality keep from us our freedom, but we are a kind majority, desiring restoration to freedom without bloodshed; whether this be reality or naught, I do not know. I do know, Mr. Jefferson, there remains hope in the people, and should we need a revolt to restore our freedom we shall find in every man the will to fight, and they shall never back down.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your words of encouragement, the people praise your words and hold them dear to their hearts, it makes our days enduring our grievances lesser a suffer.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Fear Not Retribution

“Our people merely for want of intelligence which they may rely on are become lethargick and insensible of the state they are in. “ TH. Jefferson 1777 letter to John Adams Williamsburgh

My dear friend in Liberty,

Reading your letter to Mr. Williamsburgh I sense the frustration and desperation felt within your heart and mind.  You did move properly and well, having the Revolution won and the people free. The people find no reassurance in what they do not know or understand but rather endure injuries to liberty then to forge towards revolt of such. It is as you and your fellow patriots discovered, the job of a few with visions of a fine future to endure the labor of revolt for the good of all that fear to assist with it.

We are in this present time arriving to such a point, repeating history, and I do not for the life of me understand why one would trade freedom for oppression; however this is the case. Do citizens willingly hand over freedoms or do they just slumber away under peace until suddenly being awakened to a tax collector banging upon their door for more money, finding then they have no more money to give and revolt against. This dear, Mr. Jefferson, is as I see it, and feel this is the case as it is. The citizens were quite happily slumbering feeling safe under peace and freedom, only to rely upon others to watch the doors, with no over seeing; the wolves of corruption ventured in. lingered and took over. Now they fear retribution should they revolt.

Citizens want to know the truth now they are awaken and I fear they will no not where to turn for the truth as they do not recognize all the wolves and information created under falsehoods may appear as truth to blindside many. I am so frustrated, but I rely on your intelligence and guidance to energize my mission. Fear is a great emotion that can at times provide citizens to an insensibility state, I take an understanding of this, giving them careful guidance in hope they learn quickly to recognize the truth. The light of freedom is bright, citizens shall, in my hope, find this light as a beacon, going to it, away from the tyrannical present state of affairs in Government.

Please as you will, send your well wishes for our just mission to restore these now United States now being 50, such wishes are much needed.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Mr. Jefferson, resistance is alive..

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.” Th. Jefferson

Upon these words, Mr. Jefferson, the spirit of resistance has from time to time arisen within the souls  of citizens, keeping such resistance alive. It is the points in history when citizens felt resistance too harsh or too laborious to contend with that we have developed ourselves a despotic government.

Citizens have revived resistance against the government as a great form by which we may restore what we have found taken due to un – attentiveness. Perhaps should former generations not found attentiveness as being too laborious the occasion of resistance today would not be decided.

I pose the question of how resistance can successfully and constructively transform into the restoration of government to its foundation? I say, sir, the citizens are indeed filled to their capacity of taxation and mandates, making it quite impossible for them to live in freedom or enjoy any liberties. May I tell you, freedoms and liberties have been whittled away from the people,so boldly that some legislators have gone so far as to call the Constitution a document too old, too outdated or not worthy of upholding. Do you not see the situation here?

The spirit of resistance whether it has slept quietly for years or ignored for reasons of complacency, is quite alive today. It is from resistance to restoration that we must not just consider but exercise.

I bid you well, my friend, should I wish you rest in peace, I know that you shall not for your I know your spirit stirs un-restful and there is thanks given to you for such consideration.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian.

This he said Regarding Despotism and Liberty

“….we are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a feather-bed.: Th. Jefferson 1790 to Lafayette

As we struggle against the bands of despotism which tries to bind us and keep us from our freedom, we must be mindful such struggle shall not come easy.  Our government has skillfully over such a period of time, sifted from the Constitution rights and liberties, behind the backs of Americans, too busy with life to notice. It is quite sad such was able to be accomplished, however the wise and attentive patriots at this time are ready and most able to restore that document to its rightful position of the supreme law.

Those standing as rulers rather than representatives of the people need removal, though I see it being difficult yet not impossible. No ruler shall find himself [herself] at home in America, such are alien in a democratic republic. Our legislators are but representatives of the people, and being such do not rule us but govern based on the people’s will and shall owe their allegiance to that of the people.  Those in power now gave up such allegiance, giving way egomania.

When power consumes oneself they must not be allowed further control and such is what we are experiencing. It becomes necessary at this time to begin our course of restoration whether such be difficult or create a season of forced reform. We either shall keep steering towards complete despotic control or we rip the bands being bound around us.

Liberty is our only choice, we cannot give up freedom once tasted, it must be restored. The people will come along with patriots because they go with whatever will make them happy. Oppression surely does not make a happy people, lack of freedom promotes despair therefore I see no other road other than that of liberty to travel.

Struggle as we will, we know the road from despotism to liberty shall be not an easy one but it is the right one. None can expect we shall just transfer from a government governing the people, to a government governed by the people, with ease as flipping a book page. So, dear patriots, make ready for a struggle.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Where is God in America?

My Fellow Patriots,

I am greatly saddened, seeing the course this republic has taken regarding the expression of religion. The Government, against the Supreme Law {Constitution], has taken a liberal and atheist approach, removing God from America. I see citizens side stepping, allowing the Government, upon the desires of atheist liberal men [and women] to remove God from America.

Do the people not desire freedom? For what have men given their lives for, but not for freedom.  How weak are Americans in the spirit of God? Or shall I believe the desires of the few, be so powerful, Americans lay down their bibles? What weak faith.

Dear people, the Constitution gave you rights of worship without Government interference. No government shall tell you how to worship or by that matter, tell you, no demand; that you NOT worship. This people, is a great misfortune for America.

Christmas brings celebrations of great humor and joyous sounds of love and peace, but I seen none of this. Hanukkah should be of joy and peace, with flickering of lit candles in windows, but again I see none. Why do you people hide what brings you peace in your heart?

America founded on faith so strong, lives given for God, so others live in freedom of worship expression, without Government interference.  America, born with trust in God, thriving on words of God; hangs today on a thread of hope. Did such men sacrifice for naught? Without freedom, without God; America shall wane. A country void of God finds its people lacking in will.

God and faith sheds a ray of hope and love upon the country’s people, with no God, you have darkness. The country withers. The light is dimming in America, I implore you, stand up for her and God, Express yourselves, secured for all humanity by sacrifices; the First Amendment still stands as law. The Government is to refrain from interfering and applying political views and demands upon the people’s religious expression.

To this end, no government shall tell you how NOT to express yourself.  Be wise in your expression, ever giving thought for another’s right and never be intolerant, remembering we share the same creator. Our expressions may vary or differ yet we remain alike in our love of country and God. Let this candle of love and hope burn forever bright in the hearts of all Americans. I pass along to all my fellow patriots hope and love for your Hanukkah and Christmas; share, each of you, in the joys of such faith.

May God keep this country’s candle burning bright.

In Liberty to All,

A Jeffersonian Patriot