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OBAMA – America’s Top Spy – Caught spying on Britain


How has it come that our leader, our President, bows to our enemies and spies upon our allies; America appears, sadly as a most tarnished nation. Can we shine again? I see only one direction the people of America can direct themselves, that is to impeach and remove from office the President and all those found implicated.

President Obama, spied on the Britain, gathered information and with confidential information regarding UK’s Trident missiles, agreed to share such with the Russians in exchange for a treaty with them, disclosing our nuclear storehouse, and agreeing a reduction of the storehouse; making us vulnerable to a serious attack, moreover destroying our relationship with England. The senate passed the treaty with no disclosure to American citizens, our future security handed over to the Russians along with England’s; quite a tyrannical move.

Where do we go from here, do we slumber our way along, hoping for the next election comes before all of America crumbles or worse yet, before we lose all of our allies with the total destruction of the Constitution? Would we be quick in coming to Obama’s aid should England revolt against his actions; I believe the majority of citizens with eyes open widely will hand him over with no remorse. Do Americans wonder why such a treasonous move never reached the media and only when Wiki leaks put it out, that we discovered the move? Then did we see an outcry come from any corner of Congress or the general population?

Silence can be seen as ignorant, unknowing, fearful or a mass readying for combat. It is with great hope, Americans are readying themselves, will soon rise up and tear down the tyrannical regime posing itself as a proper Constitutional administration.

In documents recently revealed, we discover the US shall pass along to Russia the serial numbers of all Trident submarines owned by Britain, thus giving Russia a full disclosure of Britain’s arsenal. In 2009, Obama asked London for permission for such a disclosure however a direct and expected, answer in the negative was returned. Did Obama expect Britain to agree? Why would a nation disclose to others matters of national security? We now wonder why Obama would disclose Britain’s security information, our ally, for a treaty with Russia, giving away part of security? Certainly, we find no good coming from such a treaty and destroying our relationship with Britain.

Do we see a pattern of destruction, the tearing down and apart of America before our eyes? Where will Americans turn when an ally is needed as we try to restructure after we have fallen? Is this Obama’s way of creating a perfect plan for complete despotic rule?

Is the silence out of ignorance or unknowing or fear; I believe it is not but that the masses are readying themselves, to survive oppression and despotic rule, and achieve restoration of a true Constitutional administration. Rid America of her top spy, Obama and get on with the restoration.


Is The Memory Dead–What happened to Pearl Harbor

My dear friend, Mr. Jefferson,

Yesterday, the anniversary of a tragic event, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which rapidly threw us into World War II; was met by the media in total silence. I dare say, many saw this day slip by with no thought.  President Roosevelt said of this day,” December 7th will live in infamy…:yet, my friend, it has died.

Soon, I fear, July 4th will not be remembered or any other day that stands for our fight for freedom. How can a people become so consumed by their own wants and desires, never realizing it all comes with a price. Someone paid the bill for their freedom, their ability to be complacent. And I shall even be so bold to say, those taking free benefits, do not yet realize such ‘free’ benefits have a price, paid by other patriots. It all greatly saddens me, I find myself agonizing over the perceptive lack of reality and what proactive approach needs taken.

Stand tall, proud and strong, surely this is the stature taken by all patriots whether they be soldiers or citizens. The bombing of Pearl Harbor, an attack upon a free people, dedicated to keeping all people free, brought us to the forefront of the war. The souls buried in the Arizona are a constant reminder of this tragedy yet, one day given to remember slips by, not one word by our President. How tall does he stand, how proud is he that bows his head to our enemy?

What we heard on Pearl Harbor day, my friend, shall give you cause to stir within your grave. Our President with anger announces that those who denounce, resist his taxations and oppressive bills are terrorists holding the people hostage. How can one be held hostage from taxes and oppression? What people desire taxes and oppression? I do not know a free man who gladly gives such up for taxes, and oppression that follows.  Our President calls us terrorists, while he is setting up his despotic administration beyond a thin veil.  Turn over in your grave, but forget us not in your continued prayers for us.

Mr. Jefferson, you often feared our demise, but you need to know we share the same zest for freedom as you and that, my friend is what will keep this republic, free. As you may remember your words:

"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it?……
Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom?

Well, my friend, yes you did produce a fine republic and yes we shall keep it in spite of those complacent on enjoying the fruits of plenty, given to them by products of freedom.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Plantation Politics

Dear patriots,

With grave misgivings, the support of slavery beginning with benevolent aspects, hoping to give the people a better future from where they came; did indeed escalate to the commerce the buying and selling of people. While assumed people of ignorance, it is the ignorance of our culture, to take free people and enslave them into our free nation. Should we have so thought our culture to be superior to theirs? My thought of course is our founders did so as a method to bring these people to a better land, something better than savagery, however not expecting beyond such to develop into one of commerce.

The intention of many, as in the case of Jefferson, was that of teaching skills and trades, giving these people a method of self –sufficiency. To this end, numerous were freed when it became safe to allow them to leave. One must understand the times, knowing well the dangers of freed slaves, vulnerable being not socially wise; dare I admit being saved upon a plantation, a better life for slaves.

Freedom comes in forms, yet to keep one oppressed beyond the comfort of safe living, is by any standard under our creator, bad. Let a man think and work in free, protect only as he wants protection. Allow a man his beliefs, letting him express such as he chooses and do not impose upon a man your beliefs thinking your belief is of a higher form. Our creator allows all men to believe as he desires, understanding his roots in the universe and sharing the greatest virtue, love. It is from these beliefs, our sharing of love and peace, which brings us to this nation. No such person absent in their being such virtues need be here, not as I or we are better but it is against our foundations building blocks and cannot exist within a republic of freedom and liberty, the two cannot coexist.

Now in this thought, I need ask why such people who live against our principles are allow to continue their practices without redress. The wise and noble friend and patriot to freedom, Thomas Jefferson aptly wrote: “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.” Do we ascribe to slavery of a people for profit or do we ascribe solely to ‘all men are created equal’ and should by this, be free?

Ask by what means men are in slavery in this nation? A simple question with an answer complex in thought, philosophically universal, describes America today, whether agreed by the people or naught. The vulnerability of the slaves upon their immediate freedom in the 19th century, brought to its end, plantation slavery, the commerce of slaves for such bought labor, however, by regard did anyone cautiously free these slaves? The war’s end put upon the nation a new mass of people, skilled in laborious trades but lacking in most social skills. Greed and corruption found these vulnerable socially unwise people easy targets for exploitation. Such entities imposing their greed and corruption upon these people posed as benevolent individuals and entities, entrusting the freed slaves, causing them to trust, never realizing they only traded one master for another.

Friends, you either do not realize this fact or deny it, the biggest corrupt entity is the democratic party. For their own means of support, they have traded men like cattle for decades, ah, centuries and yet the good patriots have allowed its existence. How do we call men free, and allow the same Democratic Party to expound on the rights of oppressed people, so far as to rally people for civil rights. The people understood civil rights yet again another event posed as good, only to convince them to be further enslaved. Do not believe in their false benevolent acts, they seek only to enslave, trading votes for programs. The enslaved shall never be free, until such commerce [of people] stopped.

Every man needs to know and understand they are free, opportunities abound, prosperity is but a dream away, yet thousands, dare I say, millions are enslaved. The enslaved given services and money in exchange for servitude to the Democratic Party provides false hope, false kindness, with no benevolent expression. Dear friends, this party is enslaving us also, for they have us working out our dreams only to take it away in taxes, giving our money to the enslaved, trading our labor for the votes of the enslaved. This must stop, there needs to be a redress of such grievances, exposure of modern slavery.

Slavery has become commonplace, a means by which one party can and does commit a crime against the citizens with no recourse or punishment. It is deliberate in nature, causing generations to be impoverished and under achieve. By law and common patriot decency, you cannot keep a man enslaved, yet these poor souls do not know freedom; show them real freedom, and give them freedom. Educate the masses, expose the common practice of slavery, give light onto the atrocities of modern slavery; do this wise in thought for freedom of all men.

I came, I saw, I left it free


He was a farm boy, the son of a Russian immigrant, well learned in the strive for freedom, volunteerism was the norm on the farm or you got a job less appealing for having not volunteered. When the word of volunteering for a mission important for the cause was mentioned, with hat in hand he waved up high, with a zealous cheer he cried I: I volunteer!

His job, he volunteered to do, nothing could be greater a sacrifice for a boy of 17, a scout.  The Company consisted of young boys and men, some eagerly volunteered and others selected, but all learned quickly compassion for each other, and a deep sense of survival for each other as they were so crudely placed upon a wild island in the Pacific with the sheer task of discovering where the Japanese were hunkered in. 

No man could live in that hole, or could they? For Peter it seemed impossible to imagine, to fathom but they learned Japanese would stop at nothing to hide themselves from the enemy, wait it out and pounce upon them with all life and strength bestowed upon them from their creator. Viciously they attacked, killing fields of soldiers, mangled and dead, blood spilled like streams of water, going from something living to lifelessness. For a young boy fresh off the farm, the death fields where hard to understand, death was natural and common on the farm; animals, older generations all lived and died in a natural sequence of normal events but, war was not natural and this horrid scene did not play well in his young mind.

His mind and soul finally came to an understanding, live or die. He chose to live but still had to bargain with God on the thought perhaps his destiny might be the here and now with no hereafter; therefore to God he asked forgiveness for his killing, but for God to understand he must do it for survival of his own being as well as for freedom alone. There was no room, no place for Japanese rule or German rule in the world, no man should live under such oppression. All too well, he knew of oppression, his father’s words rang in his ears, ‘Freedom, it is the only descent way for a man to live, oppression brings death to the people,’ over and over he heard it louder than the sounds of death around him. God heard him, and gave him the strength to carry not only himself through but others he helped along the muddy paths.

Disease and injuries plagued him, yet he fought on, he was a scout, there was no evacuation for the scouts, they went in before others landed on the beaches, making it easier for the troops; yet we know they were just fodder for Japanese, waiting quietly, still, in the underbrush. Three times he went in, three times he came out with only two or three left in his group, leaving behind friends that would be in his heart for a lifetime. God was working through him, his strength endured, his father’s words gave him the energy, the will to carry forth the mission he had volunteered to do, Freedom was won, his contribution a success, he left the Pacific free.

We all have heard these stories, we hear them becoming teary as we go through the words but do we really look beyond the words? All soldiers of freedom have the commonality of being a patriot guided by their creator, to do something ordinary but have it accomplish something extraordinary. Veteran’s Day comes and goes, we think short but honorable thoughts about veterans then the day passes until next year. I rather feel our freedom is at stake each day, and every soldier of freedom uses his ability to defend American knowing the threat of oppression from an enemy, externally or within, can happen under their watch and they will be ready.

Soldiering, volunteering, in the name of freedom, is a powerful thing, one that Peter and all others like him understand; they do it because they know there is no other substitute for freedom, our creator bestowed upon us liberty and no man or government shall take that away because oppression only begets death – death to people and to a nation. The need for patriotism is high, volunteering is as important today as it was for this young soldier over 65 years ago – consider joining in the spirit of this soldier, volunteer for freedom, become a patriot, demand the redressing of all complaints threatening our freedom and liberties. Freedom is not free, we need to pay for it through volunteering to be on the watch. 

The weakening of the dollar

My dearest Patriots,

It has come to my attention from the news I hear our government in all its lack of caring and knowledge of our supreme law, has begun to dig itself and our country and ever deeper hole. Do we dare begin to know how the people shall be able to climb out of this hole or then begin to fill it in again? I am most apprehensive to make any judgment upon what the future shall hold for this republic should the people not become proactively reactive to the current events.

The government, not wanting to call a rose a rose, has decided calling by quite another name might indeed change the view of it. therefore able to pass this off to the people as something different. But the people are so aware, so attentive. I am so proud of the people. A rose is a rose, call it by any other name, and you shall still have rose for we can see it as a rose and smell as one as well. Surely I should have used the analogy of a fish, it this quite all smells like a fish yard from where I stand.

In order to make up for the loss of funds, needed to keep such pork projects running, or for other purposes, making the best souls decide to stir within their graves, print enough money to satisfy their needs.  But not to tell the people, not to let anyone know a printing press is spitting out money, they have decided to call it quantitative easing.

Financial history tells us quantitative easing is a process by which securities are bought up and sold to financial institutions, flooding the money market with cash, which should ease up restricted money for lending. This process while in theory should spark growth, it could also if there is no interest in buying and the goods supply remains untouched, raise costs, starting an inflation process. Surely, it  is quite understood, people without jobs cannot purchase goods, or borrow, even at low prices or near zero interest, what shall happen with inflation upon them,

Our problem is of course, where does the money come from to create the quantitative easing? Printing the money to buy the bonds is absolutely, without question one of which we cannot take risk.  Being this administration   is by no means transparent, we cannot begin to believe this move is one of financial intelligence. The dollar shall weaken, our country shall suffer, the American people need to stop this wild spending or the financial hole they dig shall be too great for one generation to climb out from.

The Evolution of a Dying America

My dear Americans,

Another election has thus taken place, one of so many since the birth of America, yet this one was none like any other. It represented a turning point for America. one of needed change, in order to start the restoration of freedom and liberty for all men.

Yet, I am afraid, the corruption has eaten away at even the election process, giving way to such thuggery, that any fair, law abiding American could hardly overcome. When such people as non-citizens are allowed to vote without question and no one dares to question for fear of retribution by political correctness officials; we have lost most hope. No progress towards the return of freedom and liberty can be made when the process itself has been compromised. It is gravely ill, this election process, and its survival looks most grim.

Infiltrate the education system, teach the children, wrongs are right, and rights are not allowed; get their thinking process so off the logical track, they believe lies are truths, and truths are tyranny seekers. Give enough time for the children to gain control of society and watch, freedoms shall be throw off to the side, making room for tolerance and political correctness, liberties diluted into ideological thoughts that have no place in a socialistic society, and the pursuit of happiness is banned to pursue. All people must share the growth, regardless of input of effort, it is better that way, comrade, you hear said.

Corruption abounds, wolves sneak in through every available process, demanding the further destruction of any remains of freedom. Oppression shall control the people into submission, America is the land of promises broken.

To its end, elections shall cease to represent the people; corruption so rampant no good is achieved through this once fair and open process.  The people’s wishes are over run by false votes, lies and intimidation.  No just change can be realized when corruption through the electoral count is corrupt to its core. The evolution of America is one of death rather than growth.

I find, dear patriots of America, there is hope, you must seek restoration in every way possible, understanding the process of their corruption and destruction. you must hold your love of country close to your heart, move accordingly towards the removal of all traitors to the Constitution, to the Declaration of Independence. It is imperative, patriots, listen and hasten yourselves to be ever diligent in your efforts to seek out the wolves that corrupt the government; expose them most heartedly, without regard for retribution, do so for freedoms survival.

In Liberty,

Your fellow patriot

Speaking of Bi-Partisanship

What are the words heard echoing across the country calling for bi-partisanship, they call not for a coming together of all, but a submission of the people.  The call for bi-partisanship is clearly a warning of fear, sensing a loss of democratic control, in desperation they want fairness, they do not want to lose control.

What desperate times are these, that democrats fight for continued control, with fear in their eyes they flail their arms, speak in shrill tones, stabbing at their opposition with lies; all in hope Americans will believe their desperate rhetoric.  Americans, be wise and attentive, for freedom’s sake. These times are desperate, Americans with loss of freedoms, liberties, the pursuit of happiness is but lost treasure hunt, all the while the democrats are stealing freedoms, one by one, leaving Americans more desperate. Why now should the democrats feel unsecure?  Should I be a democrat I would turn my back on the corrupt ones and try to start anew, leave the wolves out in the cold, they care no more for the average democrat then do they care of any other citizen, it is for their own pleasure of control they fear the loss.

Bi-Partisanship, I turn deaf to the words of such a call, no democrat speaks words of truth, a lure to votes only when calling for bi-partisanship, never is there an ounce of truth or sincerity, another trap for votes, another lie. My dear Mr. President, no lie of bi-partisanship shall lure attentive Americans, we know an American, by looks, and words, it is not you nor your wolves within the government, Americans are the people, the patriots, with whom we dare put our lives on the line for freedom. We dare now, our stakes are high, to put upon the line of freedom, our lives, our future.

My advice to Americans, allow the words of bi-partisanship, ring out across the country, let the words echo from mountain to mountain, till slowly they shall diminish, then silence will spread. Only to be interrupted by cheers of Americans as freedom by freedom is restored.