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Dictator Obama Hath Spoken

The President’s view on governing has come to a point where anyone clearly looking at the agenda can see his designs as a dictator. What is sad, those in office either do not see it or they are part of it; should it be the latter, nothing short of a regime of 1939 is approaching. History reveals to us all supports of the evil regime came not to power but under direct tyrannical rule also; there is not room at the top for supporters, they only raise the dictator to the top, and then discarded at will.

We see today a man brazen and bold, no one opposes him with strength, all bow to him and he rises higher; an ego emboldens him to great heights of control; such a character throughout history is dangerous to the welfare of the people. Citizens under such control find no freedoms only regulations, life is of oppression and sub servitude; have we gone from freedom to servitude without a fight?

Listen to Obama’s words, the inflections in his voice; understand this is not a leader or servant of the people but a dictator, a tyrannical ruler. There is no negotiating or compromising with his rule; observe legislation put forth for restoring balance and responsibility of power; it is torn apart, in the guise of compromise, each portion revised and deleted, until the conservatives agree out of lack of steadfast principles. The system has failed, no democracy exists, only totalitarianism reigns freely,[ that being the only free thing left].

Wish as you do, a new election shall bring new hope for the conservative, patriots; yet I see no change, as the ruler has put into the gears of our once free society, a broad post; halting all free elections we are so accustom, whereas the people elect great men to bestow their greatness on this nation. No great man need apply, he will be cut down to a small size, covered in filth [whether true or naught] and defeated by the great ego of all time. Listen carefully, watch attentively, his minions and himself are confident in their quest for total power, nothing shall stand between him and the power over citizens. His minions are mere subjects, used for his own purposes without regard to their future aspirations of power, such is a threat to the mighty One and he shall treat them with no reverence, yet they follow him blindly.

Understand the truth, and know there are little choices left; the citizens knowing full well it is our nation, and we did not give it to the mighty One but had it stolen from us; must under all circumstances take it back, delivering to the citizens a new nation under God, indivisible, founded for Liberty and Freedom for all men.