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A Recollection of Liberty

“I should, indeed, with peculiar delight, have met and exchanged there congratulations personally with the small band, the remnant of that host of worthies, who joined with us on that day, in the bold and doubtful election we were to make for our country, between submission or the sword; and to have enjoyed with them the consolatory fact, that our fellow citizens, after half a century of experience and prosperity, continue to approve the choice we made. May it be to the world, what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all,) the signal of arousing men to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government. That form which we have substituted, restores the free right to the unbounded exercise of reason and freedom of opinion. All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God. These are grounds of hope for others. For ourselves, let the annual return of this day forever refresh our recollections of these rights, and an undiminished devotion to them.” Th Jefferson in his last letter June 24, 1826, to Rodger Weightman

Mr. Jefferson, I see even upon the approaching year marking a half century from the day of the greatest accomplishment upon this land, you had the highest hopes and dreams for the still fledgling nation. The breaking out of bondage, denouncing oppression; all you knew too well, and knew our creator gave us an ability far beyond just living under daily strive and slavish abuse.  Who gave to another man the right to control another, where did he get the license to do so; we know it not be true, and you dear sir dared to stand with your fellow delegates, declared independence, put your name below the very words you wrote. Give the King his notice, tell the world no longer would the British American colonies live under oppression, but would break from it, with a sword against their temples, colonists took to the fields of battle, and won.

I dare say, sir, no time in history since, have men united for a greater cause; we share your joy and honor given for your sacrifice. The approaching celebration, surely your recollections be golden, a time to ponder the part of life you left to America, giving it willingly to citizens when perhaps your enjoyment of life at Monticello be more appealing. Surely the years spent from it and your family took its toll upon you, but if you suffered America did not hear you; only the words you penned has survived and we do know the countless sacrifices made. But honored we are of what you gave, each fourth, every firework, flag and song, goes to your honor and to the other brave wise men you called your fellow countrymen. 

So here we shall be approaching the fourth of 2011, we must take this year for more than reflection, but we must hereby take a stand as great as yours with fear in our hearts. At long last, our nation has stumbled, men faltered and evil corruption slipped in; for a few generations, corruption has grown, our government no longer of the people but of the government and we shake in our shoes in fear of oppression. This day approaches and many wise men know full well there is no choice, we learned well our lessons of 1776, do not take revolution lightly but do so with facts of grievances firmly in your grip, walk steady and with conviction with your principles; and dear sir we have, no other choice but oppression faces us. To this day, our minds be made, the ink dried words, affirming our ReDeclaration of Independence. Please bless our work ahead, if I may ask of your permission, kindly watch over us as we save Liberty for another nine generations hence.

Yours In Liberty


Re-Declaration of Independence

In Resolve with the Citizens of the United States of America, we citizens do united and express our grievances for redress; having done so and received no response but be ignored repeatedly do solemnly and humbly re-Declare our Independence. The people of these United States are and ought to be and remain in liberty with freedoms for all.

No man or group of men has a right to withhold liberty from the people, so given their liberty by birth under their creator. We have tried for redress yet each grievance received upon deaf ears. The time now has come where citizens unite for the common purpose of one mission, the restoration of America, to put back upon its rightful foundation this free nation.

It has been said, a free people shall remain free when they are so educated upon the issues pressing them towards despotism; we are so educated and thereby exercising our rights as a free people to remain free. Citizens of this nation, being so free and living in liberty, has supported all people in other lands the opportunity for freedom. The blood of our citizens being spilled on foreign soil for the sole purpose of spreading freedom, we offer only support and ask nothing but friendship in good faith. Our mission from our beginning being one of peace, joy and prosperity for all, it is our unalienable rights, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, who could argue or debate such rights; only one with a mind of despotic rule could do so.

Why do we demand re-declaration of independence today, opposed to any other time in history? While it is proven, grievances have occurred in great quantity over the past 50 or more years, to our knowledge or experience; yet it is today, that such grievances have so accumulated, whereas the very fabric of liberty securing this nation; is torn by the grievances, enabling the corrupt officials full access to our rights and liberties; stealing them away like thieves in the night. We can no longer allow the destruction of our nation of liberty, doing so, allows this nation become a nation of oppression under despotic rule, where no man shall have rights but only be allowed certain life actions according the rule. We, the citizens of these United States are free and remain firm we will not allow such to change.

Americans have no sides to choose, they stand for upholding, and defending the Constitution or we are not Americans as our Founding Fathers so defined us. Many feel our Constitution is old, needs revising, updating for our times; what is our times; but a time of great change not for the better but for the worse, with rights and liberties disappearing, where men need comply with mandates and laws, unconstitutional but enforced and forced upon citizens, too afraid to stand against the enforcers. Most enforcers do not know their supreme law and rely upon the corrupt wolves for guidance, further spreading corruption. The citizens no longer will stand for the constitutionally ignorant to rule them; redress and dissolution of a corrupt government is rightfully requested.

It has been said, by our Founding Father and author of our Declaration of Independence who’s intellect is unmatched by any man today; “A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall take from the mouth of labor any bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” Th. Jefferson

No government ought be so large as to consume all laborious earnings from its people, leaving them no bread earnings for which to pursue their happiness. This is the case with our government today, and we have so allowed it, being more content to lie upon the soft bed of complacency of peace rather than be attentive and resist the coming despotic rule. Liberty is not easy to maintain yet we discover it far better attend to our liberties refreshing from time to time our government, than to allow the wolves to tend our governing, causing citizens the labor of restoring Liberty.

Shall we agree we have lost to despotism, much of our Liberty and thus need unite for its restoration? The state of no Liberty is the sign tyranny has won; I find it hard for citizens who lived under Liberty, raising the white flag of surrender. Americans only know freedom, they thrive on it; being so absorbed in it, they do not see it seeping away a drop at a time under the guise of tolerant progressive ideology.

Debate upon what has brought us to this point, but the point where America has come, must be resolved. America is in dire need of restoration. There is no other method of restoration but a complete cleansing of our government, to put into place, a smaller, fiscally responsible government based upon the foundation and law of the land – the Constitution. We mean nothing more than, for America be set back upon its foundation, allowing governing of the people and by the people be accomplished.

Beckon hitherto and sign this important document, the revised, ever spirited re-Declaration of Independence., on public viewing, available to sign. thomas_jefferson 2

Government control on our words

Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities and accountability however  there needs be no revision of language construction or word ology changes purposely done so in order to keep citizens in an infant swaddling blanket. Citizens need understand, be hardened to life without crying out discrimination or inappropriateness. Shall we never use another analogy for fear inappropriate language when in fact the analogy correctly describes the situation?

Where has the country gone, so far to the left, I fear it shall topple over in the weight of regulations and mandates. The Constitution called out as old, too old to rule our citizens, in need of change for the times we are in.

I read the words of the Declaration of Independence, a feeling of understanding for the grievances early citizens felt a need to address through revolution. Such an undertaking and sacrifice; these men never wanted for future men to endure such hardships, a Constitution written with stress upon their minds, financial devastation overcoming them; yet our future at their hearts, freedom for all consuming their desires in writing a document to withstand time. The words ring true today, for those with freedom in their hearts; old words they are, but their meaning remains fresh.

Only opposition to freedom, fears the words of the Constitution, each word, phrase, gives reason to freedoms rights. These rights are the target by which the leftists opposing freedom. set their minds in destroying. Citizens need see, be exposed on all accounts the cloud of oppression moving in over our freedoms, use their rights, still intact, for suppressing and wiping out oppression.

Citizens need find through restoration of America, common sense lost for years, whereby swaddling cloths shall fall away and citizens stand once again as strong. No more will there be blame put upon the words, accountability for ones own actions and reactions take priority. Extraneous regulations and mandates needed no longer when each judged according to their actions; the pursuit of happiness once again placed within our sites, allowing unworthy entitlements no reason for being. A country where dreams pursue and find happiness; men help others out of heart and not mandate, and a man’s word has meaning.

Yours In Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Restoration of freedom from transformation of oppression

Dearest friend,

The grievances by which you and others found intolerable against the British King and rule was much for young colonies yet I dare say this present rule has me concerned for the country’s freedom. We have grievances of lasting injury to our rights so established under the Constitution, we should not wonder how such injuries were allowed. But, indeed they have and for a long period has such a group wanting of a transformation of freedom to oppression taken place. Grievances are piling, escalating in fact, upon each citizen after the election of the present President.

How prudent can we be? We have tried carefully to use the methods put forth for us in the Constitution, as declared in our very Declaration of Independence but to no avail. Liberties, rights, all ignored, our redress of such grievances; all ignored also. Citizens are flinging their arms up in desperation, what more can they do but to wait from election to election in hopes of better legislators, new men to change and undo what has been done. Dare I even tell you of my fear? Such prudent moves are useless and we are doomed should we continue these gentle tactics.

Mr. Jefferson, do you agree that we are within a time, not transient but necessary, for forced restoration of freedom from transformation of oppression? The transformation has given citizens time to settle into a slumber of promised peace with programs filled with unearned money and services; they are drunk upon these and now they slumber. We have tried to awaken the citizens finding many outraged we should call such handouts, tyrannical gifts, calling us war mongers, conspiracy inciters. With open eyes we see, clearly the country is falling, allowing its fall shall bring death, and imprisonment to those opposing it, yet fighting it brings risk of death  or imprisonment also, the latter is but a risk the former a fact; I shall choose the fight.

We know the tyrannical rule now shall only give their tyrannical gifts until the transformation is complete, then the citizens shall know oppression, the lack of benefits will quickly be seen, then I fear citizens shall turn upon the rule as well as us. The rule shall receive the wrath of citizens, demanding their addicted benefits, yet we shall receive equal wrath demanding why we with open eyes did nothing, allowing the fall. Ah, the fear of such wrath is worse than the fight against this tyrant we face. Shall then agree we are at the time of forced restoration?

I find most comforted to expose my thoughts to you by letter, I do hope they are received without causing you to lose a peaceful rest. You sacrificed greatly and too much so to allow it all to go in vain therefore I do implore you to send your prayers henceforth expeditiously.

A Jeffersonian

The Evolution of a Dying America

My dear Americans,

Another election has thus taken place, one of so many since the birth of America, yet this one was none like any other. It represented a turning point for America. one of needed change, in order to start the restoration of freedom and liberty for all men.

Yet, I am afraid, the corruption has eaten away at even the election process, giving way to such thuggery, that any fair, law abiding American could hardly overcome. When such people as non-citizens are allowed to vote without question and no one dares to question for fear of retribution by political correctness officials; we have lost most hope. No progress towards the return of freedom and liberty can be made when the process itself has been compromised. It is gravely ill, this election process, and its survival looks most grim.

Infiltrate the education system, teach the children, wrongs are right, and rights are not allowed; get their thinking process so off the logical track, they believe lies are truths, and truths are tyranny seekers. Give enough time for the children to gain control of society and watch, freedoms shall be throw off to the side, making room for tolerance and political correctness, liberties diluted into ideological thoughts that have no place in a socialistic society, and the pursuit of happiness is banned to pursue. All people must share the growth, regardless of input of effort, it is better that way, comrade, you hear said.

Corruption abounds, wolves sneak in through every available process, demanding the further destruction of any remains of freedom. Oppression shall control the people into submission, America is the land of promises broken.

To its end, elections shall cease to represent the people; corruption so rampant no good is achieved through this once fair and open process.  The people’s wishes are over run by false votes, lies and intimidation.  No just change can be realized when corruption through the electoral count is corrupt to its core. The evolution of America is one of death rather than growth.

I find, dear patriots of America, there is hope, you must seek restoration in every way possible, understanding the process of their corruption and destruction. you must hold your love of country close to your heart, move accordingly towards the removal of all traitors to the Constitution, to the Declaration of Independence. It is imperative, patriots, listen and hasten yourselves to be ever diligent in your efforts to seek out the wolves that corrupt the government; expose them most heartedly, without regard for retribution, do so for freedoms survival.

In Liberty,

Your fellow patriot