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OBAMA – America’s Top Spy – Caught spying on Britain


How has it come that our leader, our President, bows to our enemies and spies upon our allies; America appears, sadly as a most tarnished nation. Can we shine again? I see only one direction the people of America can direct themselves, that is to impeach and remove from office the President and all those found implicated.

President Obama, spied on the Britain, gathered information and with confidential information regarding UK’s Trident missiles, agreed to share such with the Russians in exchange for a treaty with them, disclosing our nuclear storehouse, and agreeing a reduction of the storehouse; making us vulnerable to a serious attack, moreover destroying our relationship with England. The senate passed the treaty with no disclosure to American citizens, our future security handed over to the Russians along with England’s; quite a tyrannical move.

Where do we go from here, do we slumber our way along, hoping for the next election comes before all of America crumbles or worse yet, before we lose all of our allies with the total destruction of the Constitution? Would we be quick in coming to Obama’s aid should England revolt against his actions; I believe the majority of citizens with eyes open widely will hand him over with no remorse. Do Americans wonder why such a treasonous move never reached the media and only when Wiki leaks put it out, that we discovered the move? Then did we see an outcry come from any corner of Congress or the general population?

Silence can be seen as ignorant, unknowing, fearful or a mass readying for combat. It is with great hope, Americans are readying themselves, will soon rise up and tear down the tyrannical regime posing itself as a proper Constitutional administration.

In documents recently revealed, we discover the US shall pass along to Russia the serial numbers of all Trident submarines owned by Britain, thus giving Russia a full disclosure of Britain’s arsenal. In 2009, Obama asked London for permission for such a disclosure however a direct and expected, answer in the negative was returned. Did Obama expect Britain to agree? Why would a nation disclose to others matters of national security? We now wonder why Obama would disclose Britain’s security information, our ally, for a treaty with Russia, giving away part of security? Certainly, we find no good coming from such a treaty and destroying our relationship with Britain.

Do we see a pattern of destruction, the tearing down and apart of America before our eyes? Where will Americans turn when an ally is needed as we try to restructure after we have fallen? Is this Obama’s way of creating a perfect plan for complete despotic rule?

Is the silence out of ignorance or unknowing or fear; I believe it is not but that the masses are readying themselves, to survive oppression and despotic rule, and achieve restoration of a true Constitutional administration. Rid America of her top spy, Obama and get on with the restoration.