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Patriotism alive or dead?



Old Glory, you wave proudly, without regard to danger, never do you discriminate from where you fly, always trusting, forever proud; you wrap yourself around the fallen, singing their last praises to the heavens.

And so, with such honor bestowed upon our flag do we wonder what sentiments citizens minds contain.  The flag has taken serious abuse in the name of freedom, dragged across the seas, shot at, shot down and still she climbed back up; she proudly flew over lands reclaimed for freedom sake; but the most abuse she gets is on the very soil she protects. Do we take these freedoms too lightly, thinking freedom a cheap commodity?

A resurgence of patriotism seems a rising event, tea parties held on town greens displaying Old Glory proud and tall; from New England porches to southern sea side resorts, to mid-west ranches to the far western shore homes she waves at the dawn light and bids us adieu at dusk. Glorious days, with only a trace billowy white, Old Glory reaches high to kiss the sky.

What ever happened to the flag abusers of the sixties, in their tie-dyed shirts and worn out jeans, hugging to their hips, smoking and popping the latest drug; giving them a chance to find themselves, seek a higher vision of life. They took to the streets with Old Glory dragging behind, through the mud or dust of the street, threw her into a heap and tossed a match upon her.  Their right of freedom of speech, said they could and they did.  None knew the feeling of oppression, heavy on your soul, taking your very breath away; the spoiled little children of freedom’s land, complacent in their ways; freedom a cheap commodity.

If they found themselves, of this I am not certain, wisdom of freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness; seems lost forever, in the minds of the wretched spoiled sixties hippies now known as progressive liberals.  From where they came they brought their children; demonstrations and anti-American rhetoric by day and safe beds of complacency by night.

Is patriotism alive or dead; perhaps it is just asleep for some but very much alive in the once silent, majority making up the tea party movement.

Today a patriot, proud to be free, took a walk on a maple lined street, past historic homes where men talked of the Revolution and where Washington encamped, a mile or two away; the Declaration of Independence, voted on in July.  The patriot approached the village post office, there a package containing a very rare copy of the Declaration of Independence awaited him; people passed him on their hurried way to somewhere. He stopped, upon the ground, crumpled and dirty, Old Glory lay; yet Americans walked by her, on her and did not care; the patriot leaned down and in his arm he held her, in the other he held the package.

Together, they walked past the old historic homes, Old Glory and the Declaration of Independence, both old and tattered, both still loved; by a patriot.


Fear Not Retribution

“Our people merely for want of intelligence which they may rely on are become lethargick and insensible of the state they are in. “ TH. Jefferson 1777 letter to John Adams Williamsburgh

My dear friend in Liberty,

Reading your letter to Mr. Williamsburgh I sense the frustration and desperation felt within your heart and mind.  You did move properly and well, having the Revolution won and the people free. The people find no reassurance in what they do not know or understand but rather endure injuries to liberty then to forge towards revolt of such. It is as you and your fellow patriots discovered, the job of a few with visions of a fine future to endure the labor of revolt for the good of all that fear to assist with it.

We are in this present time arriving to such a point, repeating history, and I do not for the life of me understand why one would trade freedom for oppression; however this is the case. Do citizens willingly hand over freedoms or do they just slumber away under peace until suddenly being awakened to a tax collector banging upon their door for more money, finding then they have no more money to give and revolt against. This dear, Mr. Jefferson, is as I see it, and feel this is the case as it is. The citizens were quite happily slumbering feeling safe under peace and freedom, only to rely upon others to watch the doors, with no over seeing; the wolves of corruption ventured in. lingered and took over. Now they fear retribution should they revolt.

Citizens want to know the truth now they are awaken and I fear they will no not where to turn for the truth as they do not recognize all the wolves and information created under falsehoods may appear as truth to blindside many. I am so frustrated, but I rely on your intelligence and guidance to energize my mission. Fear is a great emotion that can at times provide citizens to an insensibility state, I take an understanding of this, giving them careful guidance in hope they learn quickly to recognize the truth. The light of freedom is bright, citizens shall, in my hope, find this light as a beacon, going to it, away from the tyrannical present state of affairs in Government.

Please as you will, send your well wishes for our just mission to restore these now United States now being 50, such wishes are much needed.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

Have we crossed the line?

Is it disrespectful when citizens demonstrate a clear dislike for their President? I am poised with this question, to answer it in the face of many citizens opposing the man which holds this position. My desire is for such a position be filled with a worthy man and a patriot but find this in the present man, there is little doubt he not. Forcing citizens to accept a man of any character solely for the fact he holds the office of Presidency goes against  principles of good patriotism.

We must separate the office of Presidency with the man that holds the position, he does not change coming into office, he is of the same character and should his character be flawed, it is the man that is flawed, not the Office of President. I dare say, you can constructively demonstrate your dislike for a man’s character and actions without disrespecting the position. It is our right to ask for redress of grievances and holds no disrespect.

To hear within the ranks of some citizens we have no right to disagree with the President as it is a form of disrespect, I am greatly concerned for our freedom of speech, redress and right of assembly; all are necessary for our liberties. Should one tell citizens we are unable to disagree with such President, we have clearly crossed the line from a free republic to oppressed despotism. 

Is The Memory Dead–What happened to Pearl Harbor

My dear friend, Mr. Jefferson,

Yesterday, the anniversary of a tragic event, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which rapidly threw us into World War II; was met by the media in total silence. I dare say, many saw this day slip by with no thought.  President Roosevelt said of this day,” December 7th will live in infamy…:yet, my friend, it has died.

Soon, I fear, July 4th will not be remembered or any other day that stands for our fight for freedom. How can a people become so consumed by their own wants and desires, never realizing it all comes with a price. Someone paid the bill for their freedom, their ability to be complacent. And I shall even be so bold to say, those taking free benefits, do not yet realize such ‘free’ benefits have a price, paid by other patriots. It all greatly saddens me, I find myself agonizing over the perceptive lack of reality and what proactive approach needs taken.

Stand tall, proud and strong, surely this is the stature taken by all patriots whether they be soldiers or citizens. The bombing of Pearl Harbor, an attack upon a free people, dedicated to keeping all people free, brought us to the forefront of the war. The souls buried in the Arizona are a constant reminder of this tragedy yet, one day given to remember slips by, not one word by our President. How tall does he stand, how proud is he that bows his head to our enemy?

What we heard on Pearl Harbor day, my friend, shall give you cause to stir within your grave. Our President with anger announces that those who denounce, resist his taxations and oppressive bills are terrorists holding the people hostage. How can one be held hostage from taxes and oppression? What people desire taxes and oppression? I do not know a free man who gladly gives such up for taxes, and oppression that follows.  Our President calls us terrorists, while he is setting up his despotic administration beyond a thin veil.  Turn over in your grave, but forget us not in your continued prayers for us.

Mr. Jefferson, you often feared our demise, but you need to know we share the same zest for freedom as you and that, my friend is what will keep this republic, free. As you may remember your words:

"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it?……
Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom?

Well, my friend, yes you did produce a fine republic and yes we shall keep it in spite of those complacent on enjoying the fruits of plenty, given to them by products of freedom.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

This he said Regarding Despotism and Liberty

“….we are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a feather-bed.: Th. Jefferson 1790 to Lafayette

As we struggle against the bands of despotism which tries to bind us and keep us from our freedom, we must be mindful such struggle shall not come easy.  Our government has skillfully over such a period of time, sifted from the Constitution rights and liberties, behind the backs of Americans, too busy with life to notice. It is quite sad such was able to be accomplished, however the wise and attentive patriots at this time are ready and most able to restore that document to its rightful position of the supreme law.

Those standing as rulers rather than representatives of the people need removal, though I see it being difficult yet not impossible. No ruler shall find himself [herself] at home in America, such are alien in a democratic republic. Our legislators are but representatives of the people, and being such do not rule us but govern based on the people’s will and shall owe their allegiance to that of the people.  Those in power now gave up such allegiance, giving way egomania.

When power consumes oneself they must not be allowed further control and such is what we are experiencing. It becomes necessary at this time to begin our course of restoration whether such be difficult or create a season of forced reform. We either shall keep steering towards complete despotic control or we rip the bands being bound around us.

Liberty is our only choice, we cannot give up freedom once tasted, it must be restored. The people will come along with patriots because they go with whatever will make them happy. Oppression surely does not make a happy people, lack of freedom promotes despair therefore I see no other road other than that of liberty to travel.

Struggle as we will, we know the road from despotism to liberty shall be not an easy one but it is the right one. None can expect we shall just transfer from a government governing the people, to a government governed by the people, with ease as flipping a book page. So, dear patriots, make ready for a struggle.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

He spoke these words…..

“if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” Thomas Jefferson

Dear Mr. Jefferson,

It is decades, ah, centuries since your words passed your lips, flowed from your pen and yet they spoke of the truths to be. You dared speak the truth, for this we received freedom, your words ring today in every patriots heart, On walls across America your words are hung, reminding us of what you and your fellow patriots sacrificed to give for future generations.

Today we stand in your honor, holding your words close to our patriotic hearts, giving thought how past words can keep this republic alive. Having been given independence a treasure beheld only to those worth of keeping it, we grasp it, hold it tight; we are the generation which is worthy and will restore this shining city. Be patient in your spirit, we are but men, as you, so inspired by principles held within your soul, that we may rise to this occasion and accomplish our task.

The government gained the confidence of the people, giving them rewards for obedience at the voting booths, corruption ensued furthering their cause. One generation slide under the door to another debts held by the last, each eventually assuming it their duty to take on such debt. Sadly the Constitution was pulled from end to end, deforming it until, dare say I it was abhorring seeing it in such condition. What American could recognize it, unless having once seen it in fine condition, I too would not know it, nor you Mr. Jefferson, but those that knew it, like I, are in a great position to restore it. We see the corruption from which the government uses to control the people; giving them rewards, telling them it is for them, to care for them in a kindly manner; while they are stealing in the name of taxation [without representation], to pay for these rewards. How the people cannot see the scoundrels taking their money, changing hands and giving it to those who are not worthy, with words of kindness flowing through their lying lips? Men cannot work a days labor and receive payment enough, taxes eat into a man’s pocket leaving little for bread. Many may be blind or deaf to the corruption but we are on our watch, the government hears not our demand for redress but chooses to ignore us.

Our recourse is simple in thought yet as you have left us in your words, the theory complex yet in dire need of doing. We are ready at hand, we ask for your support, give us what is needed. Your words taken to heart and mind, shall carry us through our second journey to re- Independence.

Your honorable patriot friend,

A Jeffersonian

I came, I saw, I left it free


He was a farm boy, the son of a Russian immigrant, well learned in the strive for freedom, volunteerism was the norm on the farm or you got a job less appealing for having not volunteered. When the word of volunteering for a mission important for the cause was mentioned, with hat in hand he waved up high, with a zealous cheer he cried I: I volunteer!

His job, he volunteered to do, nothing could be greater a sacrifice for a boy of 17, a scout.  The Company consisted of young boys and men, some eagerly volunteered and others selected, but all learned quickly compassion for each other, and a deep sense of survival for each other as they were so crudely placed upon a wild island in the Pacific with the sheer task of discovering where the Japanese were hunkered in. 

No man could live in that hole, or could they? For Peter it seemed impossible to imagine, to fathom but they learned Japanese would stop at nothing to hide themselves from the enemy, wait it out and pounce upon them with all life and strength bestowed upon them from their creator. Viciously they attacked, killing fields of soldiers, mangled and dead, blood spilled like streams of water, going from something living to lifelessness. For a young boy fresh off the farm, the death fields where hard to understand, death was natural and common on the farm; animals, older generations all lived and died in a natural sequence of normal events but, war was not natural and this horrid scene did not play well in his young mind.

His mind and soul finally came to an understanding, live or die. He chose to live but still had to bargain with God on the thought perhaps his destiny might be the here and now with no hereafter; therefore to God he asked forgiveness for his killing, but for God to understand he must do it for survival of his own being as well as for freedom alone. There was no room, no place for Japanese rule or German rule in the world, no man should live under such oppression. All too well, he knew of oppression, his father’s words rang in his ears, ‘Freedom, it is the only descent way for a man to live, oppression brings death to the people,’ over and over he heard it louder than the sounds of death around him. God heard him, and gave him the strength to carry not only himself through but others he helped along the muddy paths.

Disease and injuries plagued him, yet he fought on, he was a scout, there was no evacuation for the scouts, they went in before others landed on the beaches, making it easier for the troops; yet we know they were just fodder for Japanese, waiting quietly, still, in the underbrush. Three times he went in, three times he came out with only two or three left in his group, leaving behind friends that would be in his heart for a lifetime. God was working through him, his strength endured, his father’s words gave him the energy, the will to carry forth the mission he had volunteered to do, Freedom was won, his contribution a success, he left the Pacific free.

We all have heard these stories, we hear them becoming teary as we go through the words but do we really look beyond the words? All soldiers of freedom have the commonality of being a patriot guided by their creator, to do something ordinary but have it accomplish something extraordinary. Veteran’s Day comes and goes, we think short but honorable thoughts about veterans then the day passes until next year. I rather feel our freedom is at stake each day, and every soldier of freedom uses his ability to defend American knowing the threat of oppression from an enemy, externally or within, can happen under their watch and they will be ready.

Soldiering, volunteering, in the name of freedom, is a powerful thing, one that Peter and all others like him understand; they do it because they know there is no other substitute for freedom, our creator bestowed upon us liberty and no man or government shall take that away because oppression only begets death – death to people and to a nation. The need for patriotism is high, volunteering is as important today as it was for this young soldier over 65 years ago – consider joining in the spirit of this soldier, volunteer for freedom, become a patriot, demand the redressing of all complaints threatening our freedom and liberties. Freedom is not free, we need to pay for it through volunteering to be on the watch.