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By N. Napolitano, a Jeffersonian

How absurd, what is one thinking, asking common sense to surrender; and to what does it surrender? My dear patriots, it is not a matter of asking common sense to surrender, many do so without cause to even think, and perhaps that was the flaw in the decision, not knowing to think first. When presented with propaganda wrapped well in charismatic words, an individual, or group of citizens finds such enticing, therefore feels in need of believing falsehood, not using ‘common sense’ as a barometer of truth to falsehood. The leftists use this tactic well over centuries and millenniums for control of citizens, a slow, methodical process; more likely than not, producing a generation of willing followers.

Americans need know the tactic, being observed during the centuries may provide methods so as not to repeat history. Our friend in liberty, Mr. Jefferson aptly put it: “…..He proves also that man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder is the sport of every wind. With such persons gullability which they call faith takes the helm from the hand of reason and the mind becomes a wreck.” To James Smith, Dec. 1822. Do we need see how unreasonable giving away our inner common sense shall be to freedom’s survival, the survival of America?

May I discuss with you, the words of Mr. Jefferson, having pondered upon them for some time, and using my reasonable mind, of which I have not surrender, nor do I intend such; the importance of recognizing and acting upon the intentional threat to citizens’ survival as a free people? Patriots, citizens, understand when speeches, addresses, commentaries come your way, listen carefully; never be caught in the moment of charismatic airs, rather hold onto common sense tightly weighing each word against what is natural and logical; reasonable and not. When the words hit your ears and they grind and squeak against the norm; raise you’re your red flag, warn to others the approach of tyranny. Others have listened, naïve in thinking, had faith no one would dare harm, went on raising the white flag for hope and change that never comes; be forewarned they aim to harm freedom, they aim to take it away for their sheer pleasure of rule.

Remember the words: “ We need pass the bill so we can see what’s in it” Nancy Pelosi; common sense reasonably believes before signing any document you need to know what is it that you are signing, your signature indicates you approve of and are in agreement with the document. Why would citizens stand by, listening to the words and allow the signing or passing of any such document; yet it happened. Americans complained, I heard, but not loud enough, our voices are not yet one for liberty.

Remember the words: “ We don’t have a deficit problem, we have a revenue problem” Common sense tells us budgets rely on cash available, the money comes first, the budget comes second; a farmer does not determine how much milk he shall produce then demand from the cow a quota to meet, he milks his cow and determines his supply. The press and media, journalists and writers, for the progressive left movement; ready to sell your common sense on the street for a buck, plaster blogs and newprint, regarding why we need more revenue to fix our deficit problems; in doing so, all the ills of the economy shall be rendered healthy. Do we believe this, can you if you have given away your common sense; for sure a unreasonable thinker would believe every word, especially if there is no regard for your own pursuit of happiness, that you only desire hand-outs rather than try succeed on your own. Tax payers no matter the bracket, earn their income and deserve the reward of enjoying it, not be penalized for working hard. Corporations hire and maintain employees, they need revenue to grow, become more competitive, create growth for expansion of the job force; heavy taxation slows the growth, encourages cutbacks, therefore does not help the economy but hinders it. Employees of large corporations should neither expect nor demand benefits from the corporation, unreasonable for the continued growth of such corporation, having unions act as mediators for demands, does not excuse the demands. Government employees should neither demand or expect benefits that exceed or mirror large corporations, such demands for benefits, exceeding the private sector, rob citizens of earned income, in the form of taxation, to benefit another extraordinarily. We cannot expect citizens who cannot afford benefits for themselves to pay for our benefits, we are all responsible for such benefits ourselves, using our own earned income, each shall save, structure and control our retirement destiny. The government has no right to force us in paying for others retirements, nor does it have a right to force us in having the government, a retirement planner. Using our own resources, our own earnings we can produce methods of retirement savings that meet or exceed current standards for far less than what is available, private sector competition always produces and delivers a better result. The citizens hear these words, shake their heads but they do nothing more, I hear the complaining, but see no action; Americans need be one voice for liberty.

Do not give into good reason for a few good slick words; they are words ready to pierce through our armor, making us vulnerable for the attack. Be wise in your thinking, listen to your common sense, give it not away, but keep it close, out of the way of the enemy. Good reasoning and common sense are all the enemy needs destroy and the whole masses are theirs for the taking. Do not think otherwise, there is no alternative to common sense and a reasonable mind, anything else is a fabrication of a socialist mind, determined by its own means for destroying a soundly educated people to a people ready for oppression. The country will falter upon its own shores and neither be able to steer it away from disaster or prevent it; all shall be lost to despotic rule or die at the hands of it.


Fear Not Retribution

“Our people merely for want of intelligence which they may rely on are become lethargick and insensible of the state they are in. “ TH. Jefferson 1777 letter to John Adams Williamsburgh

My dear friend in Liberty,

Reading your letter to Mr. Williamsburgh I sense the frustration and desperation felt within your heart and mind.  You did move properly and well, having the Revolution won and the people free. The people find no reassurance in what they do not know or understand but rather endure injuries to liberty then to forge towards revolt of such. It is as you and your fellow patriots discovered, the job of a few with visions of a fine future to endure the labor of revolt for the good of all that fear to assist with it.

We are in this present time arriving to such a point, repeating history, and I do not for the life of me understand why one would trade freedom for oppression; however this is the case. Do citizens willingly hand over freedoms or do they just slumber away under peace until suddenly being awakened to a tax collector banging upon their door for more money, finding then they have no more money to give and revolt against. This dear, Mr. Jefferson, is as I see it, and feel this is the case as it is. The citizens were quite happily slumbering feeling safe under peace and freedom, only to rely upon others to watch the doors, with no over seeing; the wolves of corruption ventured in. lingered and took over. Now they fear retribution should they revolt.

Citizens want to know the truth now they are awaken and I fear they will no not where to turn for the truth as they do not recognize all the wolves and information created under falsehoods may appear as truth to blindside many. I am so frustrated, but I rely on your intelligence and guidance to energize my mission. Fear is a great emotion that can at times provide citizens to an insensibility state, I take an understanding of this, giving them careful guidance in hope they learn quickly to recognize the truth. The light of freedom is bright, citizens shall, in my hope, find this light as a beacon, going to it, away from the tyrannical present state of affairs in Government.

Please as you will, send your well wishes for our just mission to restore these now United States now being 50, such wishes are much needed.

Yours in Liberty,

A Jeffersonian

I came, I saw, I left it free


He was a farm boy, the son of a Russian immigrant, well learned in the strive for freedom, volunteerism was the norm on the farm or you got a job less appealing for having not volunteered. When the word of volunteering for a mission important for the cause was mentioned, with hat in hand he waved up high, with a zealous cheer he cried I: I volunteer!

His job, he volunteered to do, nothing could be greater a sacrifice for a boy of 17, a scout.  The Company consisted of young boys and men, some eagerly volunteered and others selected, but all learned quickly compassion for each other, and a deep sense of survival for each other as they were so crudely placed upon a wild island in the Pacific with the sheer task of discovering where the Japanese were hunkered in. 

No man could live in that hole, or could they? For Peter it seemed impossible to imagine, to fathom but they learned Japanese would stop at nothing to hide themselves from the enemy, wait it out and pounce upon them with all life and strength bestowed upon them from their creator. Viciously they attacked, killing fields of soldiers, mangled and dead, blood spilled like streams of water, going from something living to lifelessness. For a young boy fresh off the farm, the death fields where hard to understand, death was natural and common on the farm; animals, older generations all lived and died in a natural sequence of normal events but, war was not natural and this horrid scene did not play well in his young mind.

His mind and soul finally came to an understanding, live or die. He chose to live but still had to bargain with God on the thought perhaps his destiny might be the here and now with no hereafter; therefore to God he asked forgiveness for his killing, but for God to understand he must do it for survival of his own being as well as for freedom alone. There was no room, no place for Japanese rule or German rule in the world, no man should live under such oppression. All too well, he knew of oppression, his father’s words rang in his ears, ‘Freedom, it is the only descent way for a man to live, oppression brings death to the people,’ over and over he heard it louder than the sounds of death around him. God heard him, and gave him the strength to carry not only himself through but others he helped along the muddy paths.

Disease and injuries plagued him, yet he fought on, he was a scout, there was no evacuation for the scouts, they went in before others landed on the beaches, making it easier for the troops; yet we know they were just fodder for Japanese, waiting quietly, still, in the underbrush. Three times he went in, three times he came out with only two or three left in his group, leaving behind friends that would be in his heart for a lifetime. God was working through him, his strength endured, his father’s words gave him the energy, the will to carry forth the mission he had volunteered to do, Freedom was won, his contribution a success, he left the Pacific free.

We all have heard these stories, we hear them becoming teary as we go through the words but do we really look beyond the words? All soldiers of freedom have the commonality of being a patriot guided by their creator, to do something ordinary but have it accomplish something extraordinary. Veteran’s Day comes and goes, we think short but honorable thoughts about veterans then the day passes until next year. I rather feel our freedom is at stake each day, and every soldier of freedom uses his ability to defend American knowing the threat of oppression from an enemy, externally or within, can happen under their watch and they will be ready.

Soldiering, volunteering, in the name of freedom, is a powerful thing, one that Peter and all others like him understand; they do it because they know there is no other substitute for freedom, our creator bestowed upon us liberty and no man or government shall take that away because oppression only begets death – death to people and to a nation. The need for patriotism is high, volunteering is as important today as it was for this young soldier over 65 years ago – consider joining in the spirit of this soldier, volunteer for freedom, become a patriot, demand the redressing of all complaints threatening our freedom and liberties. Freedom is not free, we need to pay for it through volunteering to be on the watch. 

Patriots, One step for Freedom

Dear Patriots,

Our rights of free and fair elections have taken place, as in the past we anticipate changes and a better tomorrows for Americans. Yet, this campaign season was one of great debates and caused much turmoil amongst the people. Having no hope of redress, the people sparked campaigns to bring America back to the people.  Yes, we did do a good job, and in doing so we achieved many seats in the House and Senate.

Our job is not over, this is but one small step for freedom, our current climate is grim; freedom is on the brink of extinction; yet we can with great diligence push forward, keeping our watch on the wolves. No time can be wasted for redressing the changes thus made, most against our Constitution, we need to demand redress, it is our right. Change that which goes against our Constitution, what is not American in principle, necessitates change.

America, my fellow patriots, is a gift many men have given to us, no one has such a right to take it away. Do believe in yourself, know you are important in the process of freedom, be strong in your principles, never waiver from your heart, your mind be steadfast.

Yours in Liberty for all,

A Jeffersonian